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July 19, 2006


All the Way With Knitting

Happy Birthday and have a great holiday.


Funny that you're heading (very generally, mind you) in my direction, and I'm heading (even more generally, again) in yours. I cannot believe that we live only about 5 hours from Calgary and that we haven't yet made it to the dinosaur museum. We even know people we could stay with in Drumheller. Maybe this fall? Or maybe next year when our youngest is 4?Enjoy your looooooong vacation and have a happy birthday


Have a lovely holiday and a wonderful birthday. It sounds like a great trip. It's the sign of a true knitter - trying to work a yarn expedition into the family holiday.


Have a fantastic holiday, sounds lovely, do take lots of photographs to share, especially the ice plains, sounds fascinating. Hope you enhance your stash handsomely. A magic ball is wound with little surprises inside, button, trim, that sort of thing, such a cute idea, I had seen one or two around in blogland so was thrilled to get my very own.


Happy Birthday! I hope you make out really well at Make 1 Yarns. It's supposed to be a really awesome store.


Happy Birthday Charity!We'll have to get our schedules cleared for a Yarn-In get together.Have a fabulous time!


I want to go camping in a camper too! Wahhh! Just yesterday we went looking at campers and they were awesome, also too heavy for our suv truck. When you get back, I want to ask you about the trailer camper style. I know we can pull that weight. Now it's just the big tent. Have a great time and talk to you when you get back from such a fabulous trip!!

Gina L

Happy Birthday! I love those long car trips combined with some knitting. I'm looking forward to seeing some photos on the ol' blog. Be safe.

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