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July 14, 2006



It'll be okay. No one remembers their first birthday anyway ;) As long as you love her then that's all that matters (at least until she gets older and can start complaining about things!)


I hear you. We never really had parties for either of our kids' birthdays until this year, when my DD was old enough to have a peer group she wanted to invite. I think it's often more for the parents than the child - love and cake and a few little pressies makes them perfectly happy. (I did, however, make a shaped "theme" cake each year.)Also, in response to your comment on my blog (I still don't know the best way to do this, especially since Blogger doesn't display emails - sometimes I reply in the comments, but I never know if anyone goes back and checks): No, I don't think testing the lipstick on your arm is unsanitary. I just haven't had luck with that method - ie. black and dark brown look good on my skin - but not so much on the lips. Maybe I lack imagination.


Like the others said, she won't remember it. Take some creative pictures and it will look like a crazy fun birthday when she's older.


You captured the rainbow really well.Um, I don't remember my first birthday, but there was photographic evidence. Throw together a cake, borrow some children and take a few pics. She'll never know...unless her older siblings use it to blackmail you with later.


Birthday parties can be very stressful, and when mine were little, we invited as many children as the child was old - until they were about eight and then we took them with one friend out to dinner.Birthday parties now seem like a time for a parent to have to spend a lot of money. Goodie Bags seem to be over the moon and any places that host birthday parties for children seem to charge a fair bit. I think one year old rates a cake and family! Glad you liked my WPS. I am now working on Clapotis with a variegated Fleece Artist Silkstream.

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