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July 11, 2006



I liked the meme! Here is my take on it. I was thinking that each bolded item ought to be a post on one's blog! A Life Well Lived?


I did the same meme and ended up thinking that I led a pretty dull life.Thanks for the compliments on my blog and here is the pattern I used for the Market Bag: http://magknits.com/June06/patterns/market.htm


You'd have to have a fortune to be able to do a lot of those things. I think I may make that more Canadian. Then we'd have more than half those things done and what crazy exciting gals we'd be then! ;-)


Very cool list. And I am even more excited to discover another knitting doctor - there don't seem to be many of us - I was feeling like a bit of a geek. Thanks for the link!


Thanks for you comments to my blog. The tinking went quickly and now I am almost ready to do the six or seven rows of garter stitch on the border. I will be finished by the end of the Jazz Camp and ready to cast on Clapotis for the Orchestral Camp!


What fun - I did the meme too and while I think it makes me sound more exciting than I really am AND makes me want to travel more it was certainly intersting!


cool list, I'm sure there are some things you have done in your life that weren't on the list. To me life brings new adventure everyday.

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