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July 31, 2006



Sounds like a great trip! I agree about Banff - that's one of the things that Whistler has really done well is to tightly control development from the very beginning - specifically to avoid the Banff "tacky" look. And LUSH, my absolute favorite (there's one of those in Whistler too, yay!) You know you can order online, right? Too bad you lost your hair patience halfway through - I'm three years into growing out an ultrashort pixie myself and just reached ponytail status a year ago. That first year is hell.About the pictures - have you tried getting a free Flickr album? You can load your pictures there and then enter the URLs in the Blogger photo upload box - Blogger seems to accept that even when it won't upload photos to its own space. I had to resort to that for my picture intensive Sunday post. I am SO making the jump to WordPress after we move.


Blogger has been a pest lately.Try uploading one picture at a time before you type anything then go back and add what you want to say.Some bloggers think that they are trying to unload all the people with free accounts so they don't have to upgrade their equipment.I've been fooling around with Wordpress a bit too.Banff is a total tourist trap.Lake Louise and Whistler are great though.You could always backtrack a little and go to Radium (great hot springs).It does sound so nice camping out there.My husband jokes that I would like camping if it wasn't for all that nature.I just don't like getting eaten alive by blackflys and dive bombed by mosquitos.

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