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July 10, 2006



Ahhh, serendipity! I just started reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad myself. I'd be interested to know what you (or your husband) thought of it.


I bought that very knitting book myself at the very same store months ago. Kept meaning to bring it to Knit Night to show all you gals. Really sweet things in there.


The Bumblebee socks are so cute. http://www.subwayknitter.com/ did up a whole set of Bumblebee stuff. You should check it out. You may have to scroll a little. Definitely inspiring pictures though.Congratulations on so many full nights sleep in a row! I know I was ready to throw a party when my daughter started sleeping through the night.


Yay for sleep!I love making tiny accessories and can't wait to see what you make from the book.


Congratulations getting some much deserved rest! The baby book is darling - can't wait to see all of your new projects. You'll get to start Sizzle soooooooooonnnn :)

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