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August 21, 2006


All the Way With Knitting

Not at all..and what better way to knit . We love "Wings of a Dove" for the costumes .I'd love to read the book too but it would take up good knitting time!


That is great! I know I need to get started too on my Christmas gifts ASAP or I will never get them done.


Christmas knitting - I am also working away on it and I have four pair of clogs to knit and felt for the guys on the list! I am currently knitting a shrug for a gift for my DD. I knit fingerless gloves for the two GDs, so hope they like them. They are a quick knit!I also found a cute little cotton sweater to knit for my 'hat' girl. It is Tater's Cotton Cardi from The Garter Belt - www.thegarterbelt.comHappy knitting

Carrie K

Yes. Okay, no. Your mitts look fabulous.Argh! Christmas knitting! Surely there's time enough for that. Age of Innocence was great, book & movie.

Gina L

I have that book I am going to look those mittens up! That is a quick knit I'd say! Very cool!


The book is much better than the movie, in my opinion. The mitts are great! Look, anyone who can do that can do their whole list, no problem.


Just saw your correction. Good, cause I have Weekend Knitting, and not the other book, and these are cute!Age of Innocence....I think Brenda Dayne was recording it for download at Librovox or whatever it is called, maybe is should give it a listen.


those are pretty fingerless mitts. i have a ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino waiting patiently to become a pair of Fetching. Might be the thing to cast on tonight since I'm feeling a bit socked out just now.


they look thick and warm, perfect quick gift or quick knit for yourself as fall sets in!


I love those mitts, too. A fun, quick, practical knit. I've been thinking of making a pair and adding some crocheted lace to the wrist end.


Great mitts!Thanks for your comment on my blog! I absolutely love the idea of making yellers stand outside where the voice belongs!!


Very cute.I think that a knitter's view of time tends to be a little skewed.


Oh those mittens are so cute, I think I need something like that, this house can be pretty cold in winter and they would be perfect.I clean forgot to say to you before, about the felting, Montessori or Waldorf suppliers often have little felting kits or equipment, don't know if you have anything like that in the area. I know the US has quite a few online suppliers, don't know what shipping would be for you, it tends to be quite reasonable to us.

Carrie K

A snapdragon is cool! I want to be a snapdragon.

Dipsy D.

I sooo love those mitts, the pattern is fantastic and so is the color of the yarn you used - they look just perfect!Argh, Christmas knitting! Fortunately I hardly have anyone who would wear knitted items (are they all nuts or what???), so I won't get too stressed out with it :)


My house is chilly in the morning too. Maybe I'll have to knit myself some snazzy mitts like that. :DChristmas knitting? I'm not even done with my summer knitting! *L*


Charity - you are welcome to borrow my idea of keeping my needles straight! The package of 25 plastic sleeves cost about $7.50.I have lots of stash now, as you can see from my blog - it was going to be the 'summer of the sock', but it has turned out to be the 'summer of the shrug'. Never mind, it is all about the process.


Beautiful! I don't know how you finish so quickly. And Christmas... I've only thought of things to buy. I'm still on Halloween for the creating part of things.

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