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August 17, 2006


angie cox

Yum..warm muffins in the morning ..a lovely idea .


I love fresh muffins in the morning. I make all my muffins with whole wheat now - it really doesn't alter the baking properties at all, and it's so healthy and nutty-tasting. I have worked out a sugarless quickbread sweetened with prunes and bananas, and (indetectably) incorporating spinach, as well as a sugarless, low fat biscotti recipe - let me know if you're interested. I suppose I could just put it up on my own blog - after we move! :)


Yum, lucky family, muffins look so good.


Gosh, they look so yummy - thanks for sharing the recipe, I'll make sure to try it out! Your family certainly is the lucky one, getting such goodies in the mornings! ;)


Oh, I love muffins. A tip from a lazy baker -- measure out the dry ingredients at night (if you want to go nuts, mix the wets and leave in the refrigerator overnight) and in the morning, all you have to do is mix'n'go.We use whole wheat pastry flour as a sub for most white flour -- it works a treat.


Ohhh man, my stomach started growling at the sight of those muffins. They look amazing!

Gina L

You sound like my dream mom! I would love to have your muffin recipe. I like your healthy changes!


Ooo they look good.


The muffins look great. Lucky kids having warm muffins for breakfast!


Morning, Charity! Came over for a visit and nearly stayed for breakfast! I bought my best ever muffin recipe book on the ferry between Tsawassen and Vancouver Island! I mix up whatever berries are in the garden or found in the wild too - fresh ones like raspberries can make the mix a bit soft, I find, but the result tastes divine so who cares about the beauty contest? Yours look fit for a catwalk, though...


Now how can I resist a recipe from a site called with Hillbilly in the title? Fantastic link, yours look lovely and I'm off to warm the oven...

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