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August 25, 2006



It sounds like the job is going well so far.The scarf is beautiful and such a pretty colour too.


Look at you busy busy girl, with all the FO's!!!! It is very good to be 'back' ;) Hope you continue to like the new job. By the way, I really love that scarf that you are working on. I wonder if it would be possible for you to send a Georgia girl a copy of the pattern?!?!?! Because I signed up for the International Scarf Exchange too, and that scarf looks AWESOME.

angie cox

That is such a lovely green and I have some of the yarn in Scarlet to make a Christmas gift for Holly. I am glad the job is going well but it is ironic that it gives you less knit time.

Carrie K

That cabled scarf is gorgeous. I'm sure your mother in law is going to love it.


BEAUTIFUL scarf! And glad the cables didn't prove TOO daunting. I missed yesterday's discussion about the new job, so i will send positive thoughts for day 2 :) I agree with all of the arguments about Wal-mart but will say that in my brother's home town they really have tried to be good members of the community. The store in Uxbridge is relatively small, participates in many local events and charities and was built just outside the main street part of town so does not compete with local gift shops (or yarn shops or quilt shops). I'm not saying they are saints or anything - but not all bad either. Glad your first day went well - you'll find time to knit once you get settled :) Happy Saturday


The scarf is going to be wonderful. Really lovely. And how nice of you to knit socks for the wee ones. Mine have to wait.I'm thinking of looking for work too, so nice to hear your experiences.

Dipsy D.

Oh, this is coming along so perfectly - and the yarn you're using sounds and looks like heaven to work with! I so love the color too! And hey, you're doing a fantastic job with the cabling - when I think about my trials and tribulations with cabling, then I'm way impressed on how well you're doing - yours look just perfect! I realized now that it's a big question of the yarn you're using for cabling, at least for me - with certain yarns I just can't seem to get one nice cable done, with others it goes absolutely smoothly. Hm, we never cease to learn, do we?


Beautiful scarf! You are right, knitting with luxury yarn is wonderful. I say I am 'too old to knit with BAD yarn'!I will let you know how I progress with the little cargidan. I love Interweave Knits!


That is a beautiful scarf and it looks like it is going to drape so nicely about the neck and feel fabulous.

Gina L

I am anxious to try cable knits. Can I trust myself?I have been a little bit hazardous with dropping stitches lately. I will enjoy watching your progress!


Oh yes, I do know how soft Alpaca and silk is since I just recently purchased a ball of it myself. I have only knitted a few things with cables and I can tell you it's addictive. You will find yourself starting to look for patterns with at least one or two cables running through it.LOL It's stunning!


I had the same experience with cables - I wouldn't try them for the longest time because I was just certain they would be too hard. Once I finally tried one, it was like knitting magic...and not hard!Just a word of caution about that Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk: it felts at the drop of a hat. Handle it gently. I knit a scarf from it last fall and washed it by hand in cold, cold water and it felted. I cried.

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