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August 28, 2006



Very nice socks.Working cuts into my knitting time too. :(


I need to be hit with one of those.Nice footies.


Can you get that alien dude to zap me - I go back to teaching jr. high on Wed. Really Really glad you joined the SpinningRovingSwap.blogspot.com

Carrie K

Knitting is fun! Cute, cute socks.


Cute socks.You know you wouldn't stop knitting, or if you did, it would only last long enough for you to hit the Lys and buy some crazy expensive stuff.


The footies look great! I made my second ever pair of socks out of that same yarn and colourway and love them!

Dipsy D.

These socks are so gorgeous, what a great job you did knitting them up! I so love the striping, these colors rock!

angie cox

Holly says she's putting knitting in with me should I shuffle off my mortal coil !


Great job on the footies!

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