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August 23, 2006



Ohhhh, I love that colorway of the sock. What kind of yarn is it? One gift down, how many more to go?


Come on! Spray your hair, Mom!! Love the sock colour.

Carrie K

Aw, cute! The scarf too. I love the colorway of those socks.


Sweet boy.That sock color is so soothing. I'd be happy looking at my feet and seeing that!

angie cox

Cute model! I must get my Christmas knits started!


Pretty sock. Nice colours.That scarf looks so cozy. Very nice.Spray your hair. It comes out and the kids love it. My Girly is alway touching my pink hair.


Yes, he is a beautiful boy. You're putting us to shame with this Christmas knitting!


What fun - Wacky Hair Day - as you can see by my white hair, it would take colours well. I am not sure how the pool would react to it, even though our pool is ozone treated!My LYS is at www.uptownyarns.com Unfortunately, they do not list their yarns, but they do mail order and carry a great range of yarn. I go back again and again for the service - oh yes, I buy yarn too!


I'm so impressed at your gift list progress, the scarf looks great.Thanks for admiring the clutch, I might make another for myself although obviously I'd have to take my real sack, I mean, bag with me to actually fit all my stuff in.


Oi, Charity, I'd like to know the sock yarn too. It gives really nice stripes (big clap for whoever dreamed up self-striping yarn).Re hair colour (or color) I have often thought of getting a great big green stripe across my own boring brown mop. At least I'd stand out.Jocelticmemoryyarns.blogspot.com


I love the idea of wacky hair day -we used to do that when I worked as a lifeguard. The smurf blue was my favourite. Love the colourway of your socks, though partly because I think I'm using the same one :) I CANNOT believe how fast you are moving through your list! of course, why not when you have such CUTE models. Happy wacky hair day - though next week you should do yours!

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