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August 31, 2006


angie cox

What a gorgeous rose ! Chai is a big favourite with my daughter at the moment.


i am always sounding out the verification numbers. My family thinks I amnuts! ...pvuzyk...that's a good one!

Carrie K

No, I always do that too! In fact, the word verification is sxqyq which I am pronouncing sex-quee-cue. Maybe that's why it always take me two tries to type in the word. Or three. Four. Gah. That rose is gorgeous! I like cardigans lately becaue it's just too hot for a pullover here. I can't picture any of those, but if you've been eyeing a pattern for a long time, I'd knit that.


Sometimes simple fits the best and is the most flattering.I like to try and sound out the verification words too. There have been a few times where I havn't done it out loud though because it kind of sounds a bit like a swear word.


I get the impression that you'd prefer to make option 2.I've only seen the hourglass knitted up and it does look lovely.


I was leaving a comment on someone's blog today - Dorothy's I think - and the verification letters spelled out knlt - which I of COURSE mis-read and typed wrong :) The next one wasn't nearly as exciting. Haven't seen the sweaters you have up as options but would suggest the diagonal knit sweater (not sure if that's exactly the right name) in Debbie Bliss Home. It looks perfect for what you are describing. Hope you have a good long weekend - Happy Fall!


Cables huh? How about "Samus". That's a free pattern at Knitty.com I would cast on the cable band for the lower edge and at the same time use a provisional cast on for the body. That way you can concentrate on the cables, but when you just have the energy for stockingstitch, you can work on the body. With any luck they'll be finished at the same time!PS _ always try to read the word


I drink Chai tea sometimes, not too often. It's funny because I only crave it in the winter months. My can is still almost full. The one they sale from Borders Book store is pretty good. I'm thinking Starsky on Knitty or Central Park Hoodie. I have never made either one but love them both.


I'd go with the cardigan or jacket definitely over the sweater. It offers so many variations depending on whether you're indoors or out, hot or cold, want to ring the changes on a fashion, that sort of thing, whereas the sweater enfolds you and STAYS there whatever is happening. Are we going to meet up later this month? Sure hope so - depends how far up into the wild North you are...Jocelticmemoryyarns.blogspot.com


Mmmmmm. Cables and cardigans! Such a great mix.

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