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August 19, 2006


All the Way With Knitting

Gosh that bug eating the trees sounds bad.I love trees .we have an apple tree in our garden which I love as it provides so much for the birds. I think there is a lot of putting men down in films in general and very strong women.Both parents have a very important place at least in our house.

Carrie K

I love the Monica Ferris needlework books. Cute easy reads. Our pines all succumbed to the pine beetles last summer. (Well, one at a time over a few years, but the last two went last summer.) Sad. At least the neighbor's eucaplyptus tree and the oaks are still around. The dumb dad and the oh so very clever chldren who really run everything drive me crazy in TV shows and movies.


I would imagine that there are a fair share of older movies that show the ditsy wife. So probably the dumb Dad thing is a bit of a back lash. I guess for some reason movie makers think that dumb vs. smart is what people want to see. Can't stand either type of movie really but I can sometimes I can allow myself the mindless enjoyment of them. Ok, am I sounding pretentious? I'm not really!


I have to laugh at your comment about reading the encyclopedia. I did the same thing; World Book!


That sky looks perfect.I love that 'almost done' feel to a project.

Gina L

Charity, I agree with you about treating your father or husband with disrespect. I hope that my daughter will chose a man who will (as Dr. Laura says) "Slay dragons for you" or "Swim through shark infested waters to give you a lemonade." However, that won't happen if he is not appreciated or treated properly. It all starts at home. Just the same I don't like woman or wife bashing either. You brought up a very good point. I have to check out these books you are talking about. Thanks!


Now I want to read Crewel World, what an irresistable title and a very interesting post too.Thanks for your birthday wishes by the way.


The sky looked beautiful. I also love Monica Ferris. I think her books are cute.

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