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August 24, 2006



Feel the happy positive thoughts coming your way!! I think I understand your dilemma...I think that you feel about the same way I do. I feel that want to support local industry but it is just so much cheaper at Walmart and, hey, they employ alot of people in the community! From looking at the employees they are definitely an equal opportunity employer! Hope you get over the blues.

Carrie K

Sometimes the individual has to trump the whole. I understand why people are upset w/Wal Mart but they do provide a valuable service, particularly for those that really don't have much choice, and would have less choice if Wal Mart didn't exist. But maaaaan. No Navy Blue hair on Wacky Hair day? Just wrong.


Sending happy thoughts your way from Whistler! We struggle too, with the best way to balance practical needs with responsible shopping. Sometimes I think you just have to do the best you can with what you've got and where you are - but never stop thinking and educating yourself.


I'm also sending happy thoughts all over the ocean to you! I think I can relate very well to the thoughts you've been pondering with lately, actually I'm going through that stage as well since quite a while and haven't yet really figured out what to do about it - but things are changing for me, they do slowly but surely, for myself as well as for the way I'm handling all that consumerism-mania. I absolutely agree with Carrie though, stores like WalMart have their good points too, especially when it comes to people who don't really have a lot of choice apart from WalMart and Co. for financial reasons, I guess we should be happy for them that places like that do exist.


Those are good, tough questions. I'll be interested to read what you come up with over time.And I'd like to see the socks, of course.


I don't like some things Wal-Mart has done. Especially since it is hard for small business to compete with the sheer volume of stuff they carry and the fact that their combined buying power means lower prices.I do like that they hire anyone and everyone regardless of age, sex or race. I also like that they are trying to be more community minded by contributing to local charities and allowing people to set up chartiable fund-raisers and raffle tables inside their store.I think every major chain has it's good and bad, but reality is that they provide a lot of people with jobs and low-income families can afford to have decent stuff and nice clothes to wear.The best thing is that middle income people can get the necessary stuff for good prices there and still have enough left over to go buy luxury stuff from small businesses and local artisans.

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