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September 29, 2006



Wow, you've done fabulous in your year knitting!


What a wonderful story. I am glad you turned that truck around a year ago!


So cool, read my post tomorrow. It's a little eerie in a good way.Glad you turned the truck around. I'm definitly not against the anti-depressant drugs, but it there is a natural way to work through the baby blues, I'm all for it.


Yes, yes, yes! That explains so much- I understood about the creative need part- but the relief from guilt about sitting down, I never even thought of that, but that's what I feel. People always comment that I'm always working on something- I just don't want to waste sitting time. I suppose this came from my grandmother's belief in the "Idle hands..." credo.


What a wonderful story! I completely relate to needing an "excuse" to just sit. It brings to mind a lovely story whose source I can't recall, about an elderly nun who felt that her prayer life was inadequate and confessed that all she could do was knit - she was told in effect that that was prayer.

Ms. Knitingale

Moving meditation, even....so happy for you and how far you've come.

gone knitting

Charity, Thank for sharing your story. I love to hear how knitting has brought you so much joy and resolve. I try to explain that to my husband but he just looks at me blankly. I have a hard time articulating why it is so therapeutic. In my case the finish product is not always as rewarding as the process.


What a lovely story. It's amazing what you've achieved in just one year, your projects are wonderful.

Carrie K

That was a beautiful post, Charity.

the stripey tiger

Yep this is a great story - craft can bring people together! :-)


So beautifully said. I was lucky enough to be taught by my Mom and Grandmother when I was about six or seven. Garter stitch doll scarves and now I've progressed to lace - but I love garter stitch. I love the entire process of knitting - well, perhaps not the sewing up bit! So glad to hear it helped you deal with a 'trying' time in your life. It will help you through others, as it has me.


Happy happy happy Knitiversary! What a wonderful thing to celebrate


Happy Knittiversary Charity!I had no idea back then what you were going through. I'm glad you came through it whole...and then some. It's been such a pleasure to have met you at MOMS, have you as a friend and to have watched you grow into a Knitter Extrodinaire!

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