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December 05, 2006



I know exactly what you mean. I love wearing my handknit socks! They seem so trivial to make but they really are my favorite and most worn items of my knitted wardrobe!Yours look great btw. Now you can enter the world of sock yarn obsession. sigh


Yep, hand knit socks are the best! Always glad to hear that there is another convert too.


Lol, I guess we'll be seeing a lot more socks then! This pair look great, so cosy and comfy.


What are you going to do? Well, make more of course!! The sock is wonderful! Great color.


I love my one pair of handknit socks, so much that I walked right through the feet. But I apparently didn't love them enough to make another pair. Sigh.


Oh yeah, the dark side with socks.. You'll knit more, and hopefully some of those will be for yourself...I have a hard time getting them knit for myself, I have 2 pair of my own, and countless members of the family have them already and some will be getting some for the holidays, I especially like making little ones..for kids...I'm not so crazy abpit knitting the mansocks..but I do.....Your socks are beautiful and I'm so glad you have a pair of handknit socks, they do indeed feel like heaven.Everyone feeling better there?


The socks look great! I will be getting back to socks once school is over for Christmas break. I'll still be working on mittens each month too, but I need to get myself some more hand knitted socks!!


Those are just beautiful. More sock yarn? Probably.


I can hardly wait to try some DK socks! Once I finish all the gift socks, that is....

Dipsy D.

Ahhh, I love reading about new handknitted-sock-converts! ;) These ones seem just perfect, they look every bit as soft and cozy and comfy and warm as you decribed them! What can I say - it took me many years till I actually got round to knit my first socks - since then I did countless pairs and threw all the bought ones out, nothing else but handknitted socks will get to enter my drawers! I can only guess - have you already casted on for a second pair? ;)


Just beautiful. Hope everyone is feeling better!


they look great! definitely a wonderful addition to your knitting wardrobe. Once you've made one pair you can't stop.


Handknit socks are so wonderful. I suppose you'll be knitting a lot more socks now!Whoopeee!!! about the contest. I'll email you.


Oh yes, I have only one pair too and keep meaning to make more, they are my "best" socks. I think I may try this pattern, I like the idea of DK socks.By the way, I think Charity is a lovely name, I have always liked it although I can quite see that it might have its drawbacks.


What pretty socks to start out your new sock drawer.


Just wanted to let you know I've added the link to the scarf pattern on my blog. If you haven't found it on Stephanie's blog yet, it's on mine now.

angie cox

Those are gorgeous ,I love Swirl .I havn't yet knitted socks but I think the new Colinette sock yarn is going to just insist!


Yay socks. Especially socks of doom - welcome to the dark side. Bwahahahahahaha (I love typing that!)


Lovely socks, the color is so pretty. I know what you mean, socks are addictive, I can't wait to get started on another pair.


Girlfriend, I knew it! You are hooked. Yep, happened to me. Never in a millon years did I think it would but it it. I have a drawer full of all my old Peds white low cut socks from Target & Walmart. Now, I seem to only want to wear my handknitted ones! I'll have to wear the white ones when summer strolls around though:)Love your socks and I so have to try the DK in Cherry Tree Hill!

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