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January 06, 2007



Charity, that is one fabulous sweater!He's so cute, and it really is quite obvious how much he loves that sweater. I thought that was so sweet, had it packed for the next trip, heh.Really Great Knitting! YAY YAY YAY


It's easy to see how impressed Brian is. That will be a treasured sweater.


Brian looks so happy with his sweater, and it's just so cute of him to pack it in his suitcase.


Awesome job on the sweater! The little fella seems to be enjoying it!


He looks like he's about to explode with happiness - what a great reward for a demanding project! The sweater looks awesome.


Awe, it's great! Look how happy he is showing off his wonderful sweater!


Clapping here on Vancouver Island, yay!!!! You did a great job, and I bet the best part is seeing how thrilled Brian is.


It's adorable! Great job!

angie Cox

So glad you found it ...he obviously loves it to bits.

Dipsy D.

Wow! Absolutely wow!!! This sweater is amazing, and Brian looks so super cute and happy with it! I'm sure he'll be wearing it very often - and rightly so as it's a truly great piece that you did!


That looks wonderful. No wonder he loves it. I really like the colours you used for it too. There'll be no stopping you with intarsia now! Well done.


That looks so cool! It was packed away in his suitcase:) he wanted to make sure that sweater was going with him on his next trip.LOL Such a cutie too. Your colorwork is simply amazing to look at.

Miss Scarlett

Fantastic! Look how much he loves his sweater!




What a fabulous sweater for your cutey patooky Brian. You can do anything! You and Knitter - Here you roar!Thanks for the Shawl help.


Ohhh - he looks SO thrilled! Such a little cutie and so proud of all your hard work :) Nice to have such an appreciative recipient. He wears it well.


Yarrrr....Looks great!


That is one happy little pirate. He obviously loves it sooo much! Great job and now you know you can knit anything. The bag is really cute and what's the yarn your using on the socks? I love the patterning.


He looks so happy in his sweater! It really turned out great, and his smile has to be worth any pain the intarsia gave you :-)ps. Peter says he really looks like you.


I love it!!!! What a great job you did!!!

Ms. Knitingale

Oh, lovely job on the colorwork! The sweater turned out great, and that's quite a handsome little model you found to wear it. But, Charity....wouldn't a skull and crossbones by definition be...well, OUT of the flesh? = )


This sweater is completely adorable. ALMOST as cute as the model! You really do amazing work. It is precious and I am betting it is soft and comfy, too! Congrats on the exceptional finished handknit!


Awesome! That turned out great and it's obvious he loves it and maybe posing for pictures too.Good job on it!


awesome job!!!


I'm making this, I love your colour scheme, I'm a bit concerned over the size, but we'll see how it goes!

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