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April 26, 2007



What great buys!!!

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!


Look at all that yarny goodness! I just recently bought some Trekking too, but haven't used it yet. Looks like you came away with some really great yarns!


Lovely, lovely yarn! And look at you - already swatching! No grass growing under your feet!

I love the Crystal Palace cooton chenille and have made a lot of those flower washcloths as gifts. They are so much fun to make, and when paired with a bar of special soap or baby wash, make a great gift!


Great yarn store haul, loved seeing the pics. Now will look forward to seeing what you knit up with it all.


Fantastic yarny finds! And I have to say that you deserve a little yarn therapy with what you all are dealing with right now.


Jeez Charity - When did you snare that chenille? and the Malabrigo? I must have been distracted by the quiviut fumes. I knit my daughter a cardi out of that SWS yarn (check the archive from about July) It's very soft and the colourway is lovely BUT it pills like the devil and it's a pain in the arse to wash.

And Charity.... anytime sweetie, anytime.


What fun!! And don't worry... there are no rules when it comes to Malabrigo. I think you did good only buying one. I have 5 hanks of purple in my stash... bought with a passing notion of a sweater or cardigan... someday.

Dipsy D.

Wow, what an awesome yarn haul - I love all these skeins! Have fun knitting with them!


What a lovely, well though out yarn buying spree!!!


Charity, I think you made some fabulous selections! and such thoughtful ones...they're all beautiful...Happy Knitting!


Lovely stuff! I like your way of dealing with NY resolutions!

angie Cox

So you made that resolution too ...oh well Charity at least if we store it well some-day it will make someone very happy.Some of my favourite yarns have been twenty years old from E:Bay. I love that Patons one , we have Patons but not that particular yarn.


So many pretty yarns. I've seen many knitty entrelac scarves (I foget the name) knit with the patons sws yarn and they're beautiful!


What a lovely haul of beautiful yarns, and hasn't it just given me some great ideas.

Carrie K

Oh, beautiful, beautiful yarns!

I like the slanted lace pattern you've picked for the scarf. So pretty.

Resolution? It's almost May! Resolutions are for January only. Aren't they? ;)


Wow, what nice new yarns! I like the color of the SWS, we don't have that one.


You got some great yarn there! New Years Resolutions are supposed to be broken, aren't they?


Hooray for all the lovely yarn jewels.

Thanks for the link to the Booga Bag - I want to try that now too. Looking forward to seeing the felting.


What wonderful buys and I so understand your dilemma. I too found that actually seeing yarn in the'flesh' made it so hard to keep to any yarn diet . They all sound so yummy and you deserve to have some :)


Charity, you may not have 'needed' all of it but actually, in another sense, you did - if it helped to take your mind off painful things then it's all justified. Have fun with it!


So many pretty yarns. I love the color of the Malabrigo, is it as soft as they say? I have yet to touch it.


Resolution-schmesolution... sometimes, a girl just needs some yarn! Besides, it wasn't just random buying- you have plans for everything. I've done several projects w/ the SMS Soy Wool- I love the smooth feel & it felts really well.

Judy G

Just when I thought I could live off my stash for a while (even in its reduced state), now I have to go shopping again. Oh well, I'm over it. Thanks for the inspiration!


Wow, all that lovely yarn!

Your ISE scarf is going to be beautiful! I just posted some pics of the scarf I'm knitting to the blog.

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