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May 20, 2007



I really love the color of your new socks! I knit so many socks, it seems, and I can't part with them! I have to specifically pick yarn for gift socks. I usually buy colors I like and have a pattern generally picked out for it, so it stays mine. (Yes, I'm sock greedy, but I do knit a lot for gifts as well.) It's so nice to use heavier weight yarn or do short socks (like my low Broadripples I finished this morning!) to get a quick FO, isn't it? I haven't tried that ankle sock pattern yet, but I have two pairs planned to start very soon. (It will give me a chance to practice short row heels.) I'll probably do mine with the eight rows of stockinette before binding off instead of the pompom-style socks. Let us know how you make out!


Look at you! You're getting so much accomplished! Those socks are beauties, I love that pattern also. The first pair I made I used KP Gloss and did a cast on of 60, and even they knit up really fast.


Great job on the socks, and such a pretty colour!

What are the questions Brian has? Maybe we can help you out with some answers.


These look very comfy. I haven't had socks for March and April :) so I'm lagging terribly behind.


The socks look great!
I'm close to finishing a couple pair for May, although one has been on the needles since March.

Miss Scarlett

Oh I love those socks - they look like a great pattern.
They are on my list - somehow that list just gets longer and longer, yet the number of FO's aren't increasing...something is wrong here...


Pretty, Charity.

And no feeling guilty, you give everything away. Enjoy making pretty things for yourself, you're worth it :-)


Gorgeous colour - and so quickly made!!


Yay for shorty socks! I wear them all the time (although I no longer feel the lure and lust to knit socks). Nice work!

angie Cox

What fabulous colours , so cool looking.


Those are gorgeous!!! I've used Dancing and love the yarn, your next project should be really nice. (good for you that you have another pair of socks for yourself!)


Such cute socks! That colorway is gorgeous.


They look fab, I love the colour of the yarn.

gina L

Lovely color!


Oh Charity those are really pretty and a great colour too. I must get back to my sock knitting as I have become a fan of knitted socks now as opposed to shop bought and I have promised I'd knit some for other folk also


Such a nice job! The color is great. Also, your Mom's top came out beautifully.


Wow, look at you go! I can't imagine knitting a pair of socks so quickly. What did you do? Take a mini retreat away from home?

Thanks for the link to the pattern. They're in the lineup with the Monkey socks.


These are just darling. You knitted these up so quickly too. You are peaking my curiosity on this Whatnot yarn. It looks like it would be a dream to knit with.


I love those Horcrux sox.


As I said, I love those Horcrux socks, but I cannot get the link to work. I've even googled, and can't get the link in there to go either. Drat and double drat.


Those turned out great!!!

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