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May 25, 2007



I hear you about IK - I still haven't received mine. Maybe today, if you've got yours!


I can't wait I can't wait... I am just like a kid before Christmas morning!! I'll be stalking the mail man for awhile I think. This is just so much fun. All the participants rock!!
Lacy and feminine I am all into that! Squee!!!


Wishing you the best of luck with going to the park and getting some peace to look through your new IK. I agree, if you pay to subscribe you SHOULD get your copy before they hit the newstands!
Happy Weekend!


My IK has not arrived yet, but never fear it will real soon. I have enough to knit with for the moment, so I can be a little bit patient, but only a little bit!
I did not really see anything in the last IK that I wanted to knit at the time, but do you find, Charity, that if you see something knit on a blog, you then rethink the pattern and want to knit it too?


Ahh yes, I am with you on sitting outside with you IK(older issue) as that is what I just did. Too hot outside now reaching almost 90 degrees, sheeeew. I bet you get it in the mail tomorrow. That's usually the way it goes:) We talk about something we are waiting for and the next day it comes.


I haven't recieved mine yet either! ARGH!

I can't wait to see what you put together for your ISE pal.


Glad to hear that the new IK has made it's way to Canadian subscribers. Like you, I've seen it in the store, but have yet to receive it. Hopefully next week.


Enjoy your tea and the mag! I love the socks in this issue...


That's the reason I like to bring the kids to the playground, lots of time for knitting or reading :) Have a good weekend!


My friend in the UK just subscribed recently to IK and there are endless shipping problems getting it here. Still it meant she got sent two and let me have the Winter 06 one - problem is now I want to subscribe :) Hope you enjoyed it and great Horcrux socks too by the way.


I love that sweater on the cover. Enjoy your cuppa and peruse through the mag.

Carrie K

I hate not getting the mags right away too. I think subscribers should get them BEFORE the newsstands, but that could be bias, lol.

Your Horcrux socks look great! Again. Love the color.

Judy G

Define "heat wave".

Dipsy D.

Yay for finally receving the new issue of IK! I so agree with you though - what's the point in subscribing to a magazine when you'll only receive it when it's on the newsstands already? Hm... A heatwave over there? Oy - so we Austrians obviously finally managed to send a bit of warmth over to you?! ;))) We've been suffering immensely lately with temps high up in the 30s - if you'll get it too, enjoy it!

angie Cox

I hardly ever get I.K but I know there is nothing like a knitting pattern mag. or book with a cuppa and feet up. I must subscribe cos no newsagent in my town stocks it. American knitting magazines are far superior to the English ones . We have several but they are rather boring and often just repeat patterns from Rowan books or Colinette. So enjoy your time to relax.

Ms. Knitingale

I don't quite understand why I get such pleasure out of knitting magazines, studying pattern after pattern when I know I'll make only a small fraction of them. But oh--the possibilities!


Oh new IK :) I guess it will be a while until we over here will get it too . My daughter subscribes for it and I did for Vogue so that we both could get to see them and guess what I didn't get my spring issue and they tell me now that there are no more !! So I don't think I will re-subscribe to it next year.
Look fwd to seeing the photies ;)


IK must have read my complaints about the time it took to get the last issue because the current one reached me here in Britain about two weeks ago!!


Hope you had a wonderful time enjoying your new magazine. I really like the Josephine top and even have some yarn in the stash to make it. Plus aren't Veronik Avery's Boot Socks just lovely.


Too funny - that's the main reason I stopped subscribing about a year ago - they seem to have fixed their service to Australia up lately though.


Hello my tea swap partner! I sent your package today, hope it gets there soon!


You are right- a subscriber should have the magazine in her hands & half-way worked thru before it hits the store- you paid ahead of time, you should get it ahead of time!
Hope you were able to find some peace & sun to enjoy your treasure- btw, I coveting those stitch markers, may just have to buy some myself :)


I'm adding my voice to the "when you have a subscription you should receive it before it is released to the 'general' public". I can't wait to see the secret package and your finished project.


I love the sweater on the front. I may have to go out and buy this issue.


I would have thought that being a subscriber meant that it would arrive to you BEFORE it became available in the shops. It should be so, as a thankyou for subscribing at least, as that means definite sales. I have recently subscribed to a local monthly magazine, so it will be interesting to see if I receive it before the shops do.

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