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May 17, 2007



Heh, I love me lists but mainly because I will forget what I'm doing otherwise...yep.
Well, let's see, the way you worded #3...sell your home for one summer with family? Hmmmmm, what were you planning on doing at the end of the summer, Ms. Charity? :^)
It tickles me that you dye your hair red every December...
Great list.


To a hair-coloring chicken like myself, the red hair every December sounds like a real adventure!
I'm a list maker too- though I rarely seem to get to everything I list- I'm always finding old lists when I clear out my purse or coat pockets, & saying "Oh, yeah- I was going to do that"
Pardon my ignorance, but what is a "Smartie"?


I used to be a list maker. I still do it, but now I'm trying not to be so hyper-organized. I'm trying...

Carrie K

Oh you and your hippyish tendencies. LOL. Dyeing your hair red for Christmas sounds like fun!

I don't like to tag much either. In some ways it's a fun way to "introduce" people but in other ways it feels like the old choosing sides for teams in grade school.


My daughter has a little brown birthnark on her knee too and I've always told her it's a special gift-mark from God :)

Dorothy B

Love how beautifully the cabled silk tank for your Mother came out! Great job on it!

Your kids are beautiful. You are blessed.

Hippy-ish, eh? I think I would be cool with a camping trip for the summer (with a proper air mattress), but I am an old crank. I wouldn't part with my house for a tent or an RV. NO siree! Give me the creature comforts anyday.

Any questions you have for me, fire away!


I'm a list lover too - the satisfaction of crossing things off makes me happy - ah simple soul!


Is your hair dyed all-over or streaks? The first time my daughter wanted to dye her hair was in 9th grade, just before Christmas. Green. It looked terrible - in a funny way. Her grandparents (Ed's folks) were horrified, especially when introducing us to people at the Christmas service.

I love the idea of running off for a summer! We bought a school bus about 20 years ago thinking that we'd hit the road and moseying from show to show. The reality was that Ed needed a shop and tools for his trade.


I could relate to a few things there:like selling the house etc , hate confrontations but will stand up and then left feeling like jelly after, I too used to be a perfectionist and do countless lists but as the years have gone by gradually a lot falls by the wayside although I am still a perfectionist when making stuff for other folk.
This memes are good for getting to know each other better but I do find them hard to do at times . I am a very open person but find it hard to reflect on my own life at times ; so thanks Charity for taking part as well :)


I like your list. It made me think of other things for my list, there will always be another meme!

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