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May 14, 2007



The tank top looks great! Glad you are having a good time with your mom and that you can do things like gardening together. I think my mom (and dad) would love it if I got interested in gardening. They have some beautiful flower beds filled with mostly dahlias, but other flowers too, and they belong to the local horticulture society. I'm trying to get them into knitting though - but it's not working...lol.


WoW! The tank looks wonderful on your beautiful mother! It fits her perfectly.


The tank is gorgeous and your mother looks beautiful in it.


The tank fits your mum perfectly! My mum used to come and garden my little patch of grass. Lately she hasn't had the time to pop by and my poor patch is weed ridden. I didn't inherit the green thumb :(


Your mom looks fabulous - what a perfect fit!


How beautiful, your Mom and the tunic. It looks stunning on her. Weekends like Mothers Day and Fathers Day is when I really miss not living closer to family. I'm so glad you are able to spend time with your Mom.

I hope you find the balance you are searching for, I know how difficult this is.


What a perfect fit! I bet she was thrilled!

As for the balancing act... I know what you mean. Sometimes we just need to step back, re-evaluate, pray, and be flexible to allow for change. Things always balance out.

gina L

Your cabled tank and the pants are a perfect match. The tree behind her is lovely too!




The tank looks great on her! It looks like it's the perfect fit. :)


Beautiful summer top... what a lucky Mom!


The tank looks great on your mum, it's a lovely colour, glad you're getting to spend some time together and having fun.

Judy G

I am so saad when I hear about people who do not have a close relationship with their parents or siblings. I am happy that you are able to spend some time with your mother. (and that top looks lovely on her!)

I think everyone goes out of balance now and again, but it takes a wise woman to recognize that and look for solutions. Just don't forget to include attention for yourself when you rebalance!


Beautiful cabled tank, lucky Mom!


Lovely tank on lovely mom! What a blessing to be able to have your mom for a visit.

I'm with you on "balance" - I find that I have to recalibrate often.


The tank looks great on your Mom and I am so glad you are having a good time with her.I love it when my daughter Kath and baby Emily come over to saty, special times.
I think , no matter how old you are we all have periods in life that need looking at and making changes or just reflection. I know that I get 'lost' at times and then something will happen to re-direct me .


Yey for some lovely time with you Mum. The top looks great.


Goodness! Your lovely Mom with her new lovely tank top, what a wonderful fit, VERY well done, Charity! Glad to hear you're enjoying time together, what fun.
Ahhh, balance. It can be such a tricky beast, sending good balancing thoughts your way!


It's a great fit and looks lovely on your Mom.

Dipsy D.

What a truly amazing tank, and it looks so fantastic on your beautiful mother! I'm so glad that you're having such a wonderful time with her - something to cherish forever indeed!

Carrie K

It came out beautifully and it looks so good on your mom! That's a great color and style for her.


It is so wonderful to see your mom modeling the tank you made her and it looks like a perfect fit! She is beautiful and you chose the right color to make this in for her.
I can imagine how you two are so alike, LOL my dad and I are as my daughter and I are too:)


The tank turned out perfect for your mum. I love her pants!!! Fabulous outfit on her. What a mum!

angie Cox

Oh your Mum looks so good , her trousers go perfectly too.

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