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May 18, 2007


Miss Scarlett

Oooh those are so pretty. What a nice idea to send a gift certificate to an Etsy shop...I will remember that.

Your Mom's tank turned out so well - and fits perfectly! That's great. I am glad you had such a nice visit. They do go by quickly don't they?

Too bad your DH doesn't like your summer idea - sounds fantastic to me too!


Ooooooo and aaaaaaahhhh, those are pretty little baubles! Love the colours!


They're so pretty.

Ms. Knitingale

Oh, nice score! Doesn't it just make you want to start knitting something that needs them?


Congrats on the win! Those are gorgeous stitch markers!!




Wow those are just beautiful. Congratulations.


Great win...congrats!!


I am so pleased you won, Charity. You needed something positive in your life at that moment.
I know you will love, "No Sheep For You". It has such a great article on non-wool fibres. I am very happy, as you can tell from the blog, with my purchase of the book!


Lucky you!!! I never ever win anything. I like the Stash & Burn Podcast too but of course haven't been listening lately ;)


Oh how lovely to win such beautiful stitch markers, congratulations and enjoy using them :)


You are welcome! I am so pleased that you like them. I have been using mine lately and am very happy with them.


I have been admiring Zero's stitch markers for some time now. These are lovely! I especially like the fresh water pearls!

Congrats to you winning!

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