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May 16, 2007



I love the color you're using for T-Twist! I also really like the color of the new socks. Nice family shot! :)


What a great pic of your mom and your kids!

Love the colour of your sweater!! Can't wait to see your completed socks - such a pretty colour too.

Dipsy D.

Oh, what a gorgeous colour it is that you're using for the T-Twist, this is going to look so lovely! Thanks for sharing the family shot, such a great photo indeed!


Love the photo of your mom and the kids. Not a whole lot better then grandmas. Love the crocs!!

Love the color of the T-Twist. That is going to look great!!


Love the photo of your lovely Mom and those beautiful children, so glad you had this week together.
That sock yarn, so very drool worthy!
T-Twist...beautiful colour and what a great little design!


Gorgeous yarn colours, but more importantly, lovely family photograph!


What a great family photo! Your Mom looks like a very special person. The colour of the T-Twist is stunning - what a fun project!


I'm glad you had such a good visit with your mom. Horcrux socks are going to be gorgeous in that colorway!


Oooooh, I hadn't seen that T twist sweater before....it's very nice. I love the purple color. Sorry you had to rip back a couple inches. The sock yarn is lovely. What a wonderful picture of your attractive family!!


Yeah that's a rocking purple for the Debbie Bliss Angora yarn! I have two balls of it that I guess will make into socks since the blue colors are too drabby to buy more for a top. It does feel nice though.
Sad, your mom is leaving. Glad to hear you all had some quality time together and hopefully bunches of pictures were taken.
The crocs are too cute!

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