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June 14, 2007


the changeling

Hi - just popped in to check out your site and thank you for your comment left on Changelings Knit and Stitch. I really appreaciate it - positive comments are a great motivator. I really love your horcrux socks btw! And your garden looks beautiful!


Ooo, some podcasts I've not listened to! I must check them out.

I listen to several podcasts: Craftlit, The Craftypod (which is about all kinds of crafts), Filmspotting, Watching the Directors, NPR Movies (all three of these are film related), This American Life (a really interesting public radio show that takes a theme and gives a variety of stories around that theme.


Thanks for the list. I keep meaning to listen to more, but the best intentions. . .

Gina L.

Hi Charity,
Thanks for the list I have not listened to any pod cast on knitting. I constantly use my ipod but usually for music and audio books.


Mmmmm, I'm thinking your front garden is smelling really good!

Thanks for all the links! I try and listen to some but I get distracted so easily....ack...I need to try harder because some of those sound really good.

Miss Scarlett

Wow your lilac is totally loaded! It must smell heavenly.
I can't wait to see your completed ponchette - and the cardigan kit is adorable. Nice taste Miss!

angie Cox

Still need to get an I:Pod ...not very much past tape-recorders ! I love the roses. Yesterday I couldn't open your comments box to say how gorgeous all those teas sounded .


Fab list Charity - thanks. I didn't even know there was an Australian podcaster!


I have never listened to a podcast. I need to get my little Luddite, technophobe head out of the ground and try it out. Thanks for the recommendations!

Can't wait to see the ponchette - and your roses are stunning! (We are in a drought and our flowering plants aren't doing so well.)


Thanks for those podcast tips - I'm a big fan of cast on and stash and burn and will be sure to check out the others.

Great news about the ponchette - looking forward to meeting her.

Great choice of kit too, that should be really lovely.

Thanks for the kind words about the stole; I'm really looking forward to gifting it tomorrow.


You are the BEST! Thanks for the kind words. Your garden is beautiful. My husband has the green thumb I am afraid mine is all tangled with yarn. Not a bad thing though! I wore my scarf again today!!!! Yeah! knitters rock!

Dipsy D.

You wouldn't believe it, but I haven't listened to any podcast yet whatsoever - shame on me, and I don't even know why! So, I'm very grateful for this list of yours and will go head on over to give these a good listening right now!


I'm with Dipsy, I don't think I've listened to any pod casts yet - I have an MP3 player it's not an Ipod. I'll have to do some checking on this thanks for the info. The kit you're waiting on is really cute and summery. No wonder you're impatient! Oh and thanks for the link to the cute Dreamswatch, I just now thought of some yarn I have that might work. Now I'm excited to check this out. Thanks! Enjoy your garden.


Hi I was just meandering around the net and came across this page. The picture that caught my eye was of the Knitomat Deluxe 180. I have a Knitomat Custom 180 but no insruction manual. Have no clue how to use it. A friend gave it to me after her mother passed away. Generally I am a hand knitter but this may a new adventure for me. Not sure I'm new to this.
Any help would be great.

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