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July 18, 2007



Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl. They grow so fast.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!


What a great gift package! I've gotta get into one of these swap thingys! Definitely!

And you're right... stop blinking! My oldest is starting high school and my youngest is starting Kindergarden. Very strange. I clearly did way too much blinking! But I must admit, that after 5, their growing independence is a bit of a relief.


Happy Birthday Gwenyth! What a bonny wee lass!
And what a lovely birthday surprise for you! Lots of yummy goodies! Blinking...if only you could stop...so you could 'catch' it all.

Dipsy D.

Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful daughter - all the very best to her! And oh, that's a great gift package indeed - enjoy everything ;)


Happy Birthday to Gwenyth for yesterday and what a lovely surprise for you. A lovely day all round :)


What a fun package - Such a nice blog friend!
and Happy Birthday to Gwenyth (a wonderful bubble picture)and since I'm catching up a bit...your WIPS in that last post are beautiful!


Happy Birthday, Gwenyth. Lovely picture of your little one and what a nice package your pal sent to you. Enjoy!


What a lovely package of gifts!

Happy birthday wishes to Gwenyth.


Happy Birthday Little One!

What a fabulous package.

Judy G.

and then all of a sudden they are grown up and moving away yet you haven't aged a day. Really, not blinking doesn't help at all.

Carrie K

Happy Birthday, Gwyneth! Now slow down.

Nice package! The dishcloth and the yarn are really scrumptious.


Happy Belated Birthday Miss Gwyneth!

Doesn't it just seem like yesterday we were at MOMs and our babies were still tiny? My how time flies.


Wow, the yarn is gorgeous! I have one of those key chains and love it!
Kids do grow too fast, don't they?


What a fantastic treat!!! That is the kinda mail we all need!!

Little Gwen is so adorable. I hope she had a great birthday!!


aww, that photo of gwen is just delightful. as a mom though, i hate realizing that i have just had a *blink* moment. i am so glad that we met via ise4!


What a great early present Charity, and I love that sock yarn, what a sweetheart Gwenyth is, and such a lovely name!


Happy birthday, Gwenyth!

What an awesome package!


What a lovely picture of Gwenyth! A belated happy birthday to her!


Happy Birthday, Gwenyth!! She is a beautiful little girl.

Hurray for you and your early birthday present. What a lovely bunch of gifts. I have contemplated the Sweet Georgia Yarns. Have you knit with it before?




Happy birthday to Gwenyth! She's the cutest little girl ever. And what a great package for you!

angie Cox angie

Bit belated" Happy Birthday"little one . I love those yarns especially the sock yarn.


1. Oh what a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday!
2. WOW what a nice pile of gifties! Lucky You!

3. email me at cbast25 at yahoo dot com so we can talk toe up socks!

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