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July 25, 2007



the toe looks great!!!!!!
and where did you get teh casien needles?? are they warm and bendy? how is the tip?


oh and congrats on the job situation! I'll be working at a pre-k myself this fall! (less than 10 hrs a week, but its yarn money!)


Sounds like you are making a great job decision. Good for you!


I LOVE the socks...they are wonderful!! Also congrats on your new


Great socks :)
Sounds like the new job will give you all more time together which will be great with the bonus of more knitting time perhaps ? ;-)


Good on you for making the decision to change something that wasn't quite right. I hope this new opportunity is what you need.


YAY! This is good news indeed! and how wonderful to get the time 'inbetween', now I just know you'll use it wisely ;^).
The Monkey socks are beautiful, your pal is going to be so thrilled! Good going on the toe-up!


Lovely socks and lovely news for you - hope that all works out really well :)


Congratulations Charity! Such wonderful news. I love the Monkey socks. Once I finish Sockapaloooza I'm going to finish mine!


Pretty pretty monkey socks! Be careful with those casein needles - you really don't want to accidentally hold one in your mouth! Otherwise, they're really nice to knit with, smooth and decent points, flexible but not as fragile as wood.


Love your Monkies. Great news on the job front, sounds like a great plan.


I love your Monkey Socks! I am still hoping one day to knit up a pair when I can sit down to a pattern and take the time out to pay attention to it. Right now it's just knitting socks that are pretty simple:)


Love those Monkeys! I think I prefer them in lovely semi-solids like this than some of the multis I've seen. More knitting time -- nothing wrong with that at all!!


I love this yarn for your toe-up socks! It is beautiful. I am glad to see you moving right along.

The Monkeys are great, too! I'm with Dave - this semi-solid yarn really does the pattern justice.


Beautiful socks! Your pal will love them!


Congratulations on such beautiful socks--very lucky pal!


Congratulations on such beautiful socks--very lucky pal!

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