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August 28, 2007



Welcome back, Charity! Can't wait to hear *all* about it and see the rest of the photos, the ones you have up are wonderful, gee, 'wish I could've been there', heh :^)... Can't wait to hear about Miracle Beach...did you make it there?
Happy knitting,cleaning, and laundry! (SO glad you're back, safe and sound and that you had such a grand time!)

Judy G.

Welcome home. I'm glad that your trip was better than mine. The worst part of travelling is the cleanup and laundry at the other end of it. That reminds me, I have to go and put up a tent and air it out now.


Welcome back! Looks absolutely stunning! glad you had a good time. Pics of the eyelet cardi soon? please?


Looks like a great trip! Beautiful scenery!


Ooh lovely pictures. Great to have you back and looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your exploits.


Sorry we did not get together, but perhaps next time. I am glad you found some yarn shops to help with your stash!
After you get the laundry done, the mail sorted, the trailer unloaded, etc., etc., you need a day or two of holidays again! Smile!


Looks like a great trip!


Welcome back! Look forward to hearing more :-)


It looks gorgeous. Glad you had a good time and I look forward to the "rest of the story".


Love the pictures - beachcombing is the best, isn't it?


Beautiful location. I love the photo of you doing the dishes! :)

Dorothy B

Beautiful photos and it looks like a great place to camp. I would probably have to take a picture of me doing camping stuff too just to prove that I do and can.


Looks like you had a wonderful time! Welcome home.


Welcome home! We've missed you!


wow it looks absolutely amazing where were you?

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