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August 04, 2007


angie Cox

I love the new look of your blog , easy to read and no distractions. I can see why you want to fondle that yarn , I have some special ones put aside for the very purpose .


ooohhhh, pretty pretty yarn! nice! love the way the lime and purple look together.

Ah Spiderman.... its just too hard sometimes. But its a great chance to teach a valuable lesson. Not all parents appreciate that or handle it the correct way. good for you.


I agree with Colleen - not everyone would know what to do under those circumstances. Good on you - you're a good mama! :)


So glad you and your friend had a yarny natter ; that is why I love having my daugher to stay with us . Think we might bore all around us though!!
Your story re the Spiderman glasses brought back a memory for me. I can remember being very small (under 5yrs) and when going with my Mam into our village shop I took without paying a penny toffee. Now I knew this was wrong and I was quiet all the way home and very afraid of what I had done and when we got back I went into the garden and hid it under some stones as I was ashamed . My Mam saw me and took me and the toffee back to the shop and made me give it back and apologize and to this day I learnt a great lesson as I am sure your little one will . It is a hard lesson but one well learnt , good for you Charity :)


How nice to have a visit with Areli, to talk yarny things with! Poor Brian, I hope he's feeling better now. It's a painful lesson, but we all learn and it's for the better.


So glad to hear you had a great time with another fibre lover. Those are the best kind of times. I just had a nice weekend teaching my niece to knit.

It takes a lot of bravery to admit to strangers that you have done something very wrong. So glad you got him to do it though. He'll remember that far more than if you had done it for him.


I think most mom's have the opportunity to teach this little lesson. You did the right thing by making it his responsibility to return. So many parents would either have done it for the kid or would not have returned them at all. I'm convinced that the parents who cover up for their kids were themselves covered for and never learned the lesson you taught Brian. You win the Mom Prize in my book.


What a great basket of yarn.

Brian's so funny, I am sure we have all done that at least once, but it's hard to make your kids apologize and face up to their wrongs.


What a wonderful time for you and your friend and all the little ones...making good times all round.
Brian....I agree, I think most kids do that, or at least try, I know mine did and they were all taken back to 'fess up' and apologize...and yes, it is tough learning all these lessons but so well worth it. Of course, you're a good Mum. :^)


Oh, poor Brian. Growing up is very hard. He'll remember this incident I'm sure.


Oh what a nifty basket shot. I'm so glad you had a chance to spend some time with your friend. It has been amazing to me how much my affection for knitting has grown since I found my LYS and other knitters. It is encouraging and thrilling just to be able to talk to someone else who understands why I am nearly frustrated to tears by the instruction to M1 with size 1 needles on sock yarn.

Poor Brian...I known lots of children who have struggled with just such an incident. I am glad you took him back and made him fess up. Too many parents make excuses for their children. I am sure it is a lesson he won't soon forget.


Oh, gorgeous yarn in your basket!

It must've been hard on Brian, but I'm sure he learnt his lesson. You're a good mum!


Good work there Mum! Lovely yarn piccie.


No wonder you don't want to put it away, it's really pretty.

It must have been a lot of fun to have Areli visit with the kids.

Carrie K

Aw, poor Brian. I'm sure he learned his lesson.

That yarn is pretty and what fun for you to have a friend play Fiber with you! I can't imagine not having anyone! Poor Charity. Even if my BFF's don't knit, they crochet or just love to go the LYS. (Or pretend to.)


I have boy-girl twins and Oriana has worn glasses for a year. she wishes she didn't and Inigo cries everytime she gets new ones. Sometimes you just can't win. You handled the spiderman glasses really well. I am not sure how old Brian is but Inigo was pacified with a pair of plastic sun glasses the first time Oriana got her glasses.


Oh my goodness!!! I am gasping and giggling. I think all small children are light fingered at some point, you did the right thing and what a great story to tell when he brings his first date home....


Beautiful yarns. Enjoy your time on your trip. You're a good Mom, when little boys learn their lesson, they grow up into first class men. Good job, hard I know.

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