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August 13, 2007



The eyelet cardi sure looks pretty there!
I can't even begin to express how wonderful it must be to knit with your MIL Mary and so sneakily getting that sock yarn and needles in her hands, but oh..to sit side by side in knitting.. you're both so very lucky.
I do love the Panda Cotton but I'm for sure needing to get my hands on the Panda wool! It's just such a fabulous yarn!
I'm excited for you...your upcoming holiday!


I'll be your yarn broker any day! What a sweet story about Mary. I have to admit, that it is such a sense of accomplishment when I lure someone into the world of sock knitting! Although now I will have to share my sock yarn inheiritance with my sister. Hopefully that won't happen any time soon!


What a great knitting story :-) You should be very proud.

Miss Scarlett

That is so sweet! I love that your mother in law has rediscovered knitting through you.

Hey! I am on Vancouver Island from this coming Sunday to Friday -- well, mostly on Quadra Island (there is a pretty fabulous yarn shop there...) which is just a 10 minute ferry ride from Campbell River.

Whereabouts on the Island are you headed for holiday?


That's a great story! So sweet.

If you need anything from Europe, I can also be your yarn broker. Opal or Wollmeise maybe? ;)


How awesome to find a common bond with another knitter. I know my Mother gave up knitting mostly because of the scratchy wool she used to have to knit with and now she is fascinated with all the pretty sock yarns to be had.


That's so nice, knitting with MIL! Really really jealous.

The eyelet cardi looks great! I'm so psyched you are almost done!

And just let me know what yarn you need and I'll be more than happy to pick it up for you!

angie Cox

Oh I want your M.I.L too ! Crystal Palace Yarns are bringing out a corn fibre yarn soon ( it looks lovely). The Welsh had some very tough lives with English Landlords so I am not surprised they make thigs , are a very resourceful nation . As an English lass I am very proud to be neighbours. My primary school teacher was Welsh he changed my life . He taught me to value books in a way no-one else had .


Oh that is a lovely story about your MIL, I love the idea of two generations knitting socks side by side.


Oh that is a lovely story about your MIL, I love the idea of two generations knitting socks side by side.


Oooo!! I can't wait to see the eyelet cardi seamed up!

I'm glad to hear the visit is going well, and that she is feeling so much better.


Good work on spreading the sock love :) So nice to share this craft.

Also glad to hear that Stuart has the right idea on what to do about flat rate shipping :)


Hope you have a great vacation! I still plan on blogging when I'm in Korea...and of course I hope to get some yarn while I'm there. I mean, what kind of knitter would I be if I didn't go look for Korean yarn...or even buy North American yarns...while I'm there? I wonder if they'll have any knitting groups (especially English speaking ones) over there that I'd be able to join. That would be cool!

Carrie K

I want to go to Vancouver Island! Have a great time!

That is so very, very cool about your MIL! Re-addicting her. Clever girl, Charity! Your eyelet cardigan is looking pretty and practically done.

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