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August 05, 2007


Judy G.

Hey! I collect teapots too. Sadly, my son just told me that the store in Grand Cayman where he's been picking up little miniature enamelled ones for me isn't carrying them any more. The chances of him trying to find another source as he tootles around the Caribbean are slim to nil. I'll have to switch to collecting precious gems instead.

re: laceweight: Just go for it! Just remember that it looks like a misshapen lump on the needles, and blocking is one of the wonders of the world.


Look me up when you arrive at Ravelry!

angie Cox

Teapots are great aren't they ? I have quite a few and if a lid gets broken I use them as vases . Holly adores real china tea-cups.


Look me up too when you get on Ravelry :)I am under Eluned which is my middle name


Oh wow - I really am out of the loop. I didn't even know there was going to be an SP11. I hope you have a wonderful time with this one. I know SP10 was great for me.

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