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August 29, 2007



How absolutely delightful! No kidding, I read your post then went to Ruth's (great photos of you two very lovely ladies!) and read hers.....very blessed. Indeed!


Charity, your trip sounds wonderful!

Carrie K

It sounds like a fabulous trip! My grandmother is from Swift Current, Saskechewan.

Judy G.

It is amazing how this blogging thing connects people. (I choose to believe that it is more wholesome than internet dating.) Now that I know that Ruth feeds visitors, I'm planning. Charity, do you feed visitors? I could do a whole B.C. trip and only eat with other knitters!

Glad you had a good trip. Off to visit Ruth's blog.


How did Ruth know that your t-shirt would match perfectly with the Noro sweater? Smile!
That is what friends do, invite you to a nice meal, have children for your children to play with, loan you a sweater that matches your current shirt and discuss knitting. What wonderful memories!


That sounds like a very nice trip. That is indeed a very beautiful Noro sweater.

Dipsy D.

This sounds like such a wonderful meeting - and a wonderful friendship indeed! I can't help but being impressed constantly by the friendships that develop via blogging, and it's even so much better if one has the chance to meet for a chat and a little knit then too! I adore the Noro sweater by the way, it's stunning!


Oh what a lovely trip and the Noro cardigan is beautiful too.

Hope you enjoy the Nigella Lawson books.


That does sound like you and Ruth had a great time! It is nice when you can meet up with a fellow blogger.


What a gorgeous Noro sweater, it definately suits you Charity, and such a great thing to meet up with likeminded blog friends!


I thought that looked like Noro! Lovely colors - and looks as though you had a great time!


Sounds like a great visit! I've meet many good, new friends through the blog (some in person, some not). Isn't it great?!

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