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August 31, 2007



They look great - and the stripes match perfectly! You sure have a hard time hanging on to your FO's though!


Boy, those look like full size knee socks!! I love the way the pattern swirls - on both of them!! Isn't Panda Wool nice and soft?


Interesting striping and they will make a perfect birthday gift!


Very cool socks and I agree with Pat, they look plenty knee sock length to me! and I'm also loving the swirls and patterns it knit up into...I'm glad you got them finished in time!


how long ARE they? they look pretty long in the pic!
looks like your toe ups came out wonderful!

Dipsy D.

Awww, they look awesome, and I love the stripes! And woah, I admire you for your patience to knit such long socks, I'm afraid I could never do that - an amazing job indeed!


The striping is awesome! You do have a hard time hanging on to your FOs.

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