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September 24, 2007



Sure you can always get yarn. Nothin' wrong with that!

I'll have to check out that podcast, sounds neat. Keep posting about your journaling- I'd like to hear if it works well for you.


I'm with the you can always get yarn school of thought :)

Great work on the little hats - I'm a big fan of little projects for the satisfaction of finishing something.

Your last post on fall touched a chord with me - I too feel the potential of this time of year - definitely the time I am most likely to start something new - last year that was knitting :)


Great Autumn colours Charity!


yeah for the woolgirl sock club, i am glad to see you there too. and i am really happy that you love cmp, it is one of my favourite podcasts!


I love the part in that book where Jamie takes the sock from Claire and TURNS THE HEEL for her.

And Brian? Why not?


I LOVE the Outlander series... I actually have them all and have waited for ...years? for the next one?
What a great post, Charity, good going on all the little hats, feels good knowing all the sweet little noggins they'll be keeping warm,eh?
I need to check out that podcast...someday...
I think the journaling every day is a wonderful thing to do and yes, I understand that 'not finding enough time' for everything...
I took off on the woolgirl link and oh goodness! what beautiful yarn! Is the club closed off now? I didn't see anything to click on for joining....
...Brian...bless his heart...but I can't help but think about some day waaay in the future, when he's a man of 70 or so and will remember with a smile all the times the postie brought parcels of yarn and how joyful his Mum would be...
Yarn is always good. :^)


Yarn is a great thing to get. My Mr. always says that it could be worse, I could be into something that costs a fortune.

I hope you get a bit of time for those big projects soon.

Carrie K

I do like the Outlander series but she's taking her sweet time finishing it! Isn't it fun to run across a random knitting reference? It really wasn't so long ago that almost everyone knew how to knit.

That Darn Robe won't stop looking at you? lol!


I'm reading the Outlander series, too!

And yes, Brian, you CAN always get yarn.

I have a simple practice of finding little things to be grateful to God for during the course of my day. Even when things are going "badly", there is always something to be thankful for, and often just the simple act of acknowledging that can turn a day around in a heartbeat. I think your journal idea would be a wonderful way to record these "little" things.

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