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September 21, 2007



That's a nice pattern to knit. I've made two so far and have yarn to make myself two more. I need dishcloths for Christmas gifts, too, so I see even more of them in the future!


I feel exactly the same way about fall - so much more of a sense of new beginnings, plans, resolutions and schemes than I ever feel in the middle of winter. It feels like time to stop sweltering, put on a nice sweater in the chill crisp air and get down to work!


I do believe you said it all.... and...thank you. :^)


I know just what you mean about fall... even though we don't have it in the traditional sense here on So Cal. Christmas always feels much more like the middle of the year to me.

I absolutely love handknit dishclothes... and I'd love to knit a bunch. But I can't help like feel there's something more important I should be knitting. Goofy I know... but just the way it is. I love your picture though. Maybe I'll give one a shot this weekend.


Beautiful post Charity. I love your positive outlook.


I too like Autumn, and I also love Spring. I think it's because these two seasons seem to have more going for them than Summer and Winter. More is happening, dying and rebirth, whereas the other two seasons, it just "is". We are now into Spring, and it's nice to see the trees and flowers budding and blossoming, the days getting longer and the air feeling warm and sunny. I have to say, I like winter, but am not looking forward to summer too much this year, already low on water here, and maybe this year we'll be in very dire need.


I'm not that into New Yer's, either. The fall is the great time to start over, to turn a blank page. I love your outlook on life.


ohhhh! thanks bunches for the washcloth link! fall is my favourite time of year and i loved this post!


You go girl. You bring inspiration to us all.


Interesting that others feel the same way about new beginnings in the fall - I know that I do!


This has to be one of my favorite colors combined together!! I love these colors.

Carrie K

I love fall. It's when everything gets to relax to rejuvenate.

Lovely quote.


Happy New Year to you, also! Maybe autumn should be the knitters' new year. You said it all very well, and I love that quote.

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