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September 26, 2007


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns

Gorgeous yarn, GORGEOUS pattern. What is it? I'm looking forward to knitting with slightly thicker yarn and needles too - a winter treat.

Do you find you have to buy footwear a half size larger to accommodate the handknitted socks? I do.


That yarn is so beautiful! What is the pattern you are knitting? The thicker yarn does knit up a lot faster, and I like that too, though I've really only knit with the thinner yarns. I started a pair of socks for my Sockapalooza pal and found out I wouldn't have enough yarn so had to scrap them. They'll probably become children's socks (I hadn't realized I'd need more yarn when I ordered it...wasn't thinking straight I guess...lol).


Wow! Not only is that gorgeous yarn, I can hardly believe how fast that sock is shaping up :)
I've had the urge to do a lot of utilitarian knitting lately as well; our knitting group is doing baby hats for the county hospital, I've got slippers & mittens on the needles, & want to start some more socks & a dishcloth (found the cutest rooster pattern!)


ooohhh pretty! and WOW you are fast! even with heaver weight yarn that's some motering.
the colors are georgous!


It's very pretty!


Ooh that really is purty.

The twist and weight of it looks like Colinette Jitterbug which is officially my current favourite sock yarn - that squishyness is just fab.


Oh that looks gorgeous, very pretty colours and wow, such fast progress.


Gorgeous yarn! And the pattern is perfect for it.


Beautiful! Nice work on the sock...please divulge the pattern!


The colors are beautiful in that wool!


Mercy, that's some beautiful yarn! those colours! can we all say it together? YUM!
Charity, I'm with you, although I love the finer yarns for socks... I REALLY love the more... substantial yarns... as in a bit heavier fingering and sport weights. They really make my feet HAPPY.
The pattern is very pretty and your knitting is gorgeous.


Super beautiful squishy looking yarn! I too would rather knit using sport weight. Can't wait to see the pattern stitch you are knitting these socks in. This stitch pattern is awesome.

Carrie K

Oh, pretty!


I'm so in awe of your very beautiful and bountiful completed works Charity. And to think it was only two years ago this month you learned to knit! You are incredible!

Have you checked out the sock yarns Darlene has in her shop lately? She's got some gorgeous thicker self patterning yarn that's yummy and soft.

I just got back from a three day spinning exotic fibres workshop in Rossland with Judith McKenzie-McCuin. It was lots of fun and I learned so much. Have you kept up with your spinning?? I'll bring my new Ashford Joy double treadle when I can get to a craft night. Working shifts gets in the way of life sometimes.

Take care Charity!

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