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October 01, 2007


Carrie K

I love journals.

Matching watches! What a cool idea.

The socks look great. Hey! I'm tagging you for a book meme, but it's not up yet.


I used to journal, it's been a long time though. In some ways, my blog is become like a journal.

Happy early anniversary!


The socks look wonderful! Congratulations on your anniversary.


Very nice socks... the colors are a perfect complement for the pattern. As for journaling, I love the idea but have never been successful at keeping one. My blog is the closest I've ever come to being consistent with any kind of writing. Maybe I should keep a laptop journal.


The socks look great and congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

I write when I really need to think something through or get something off my chest without venting/hurting someone else's feelings.


Charity, those are some beautiful socks! and it makes me very happy to know they'll be keeping YOUR tootsies warm this Winter :^).
I completely understand the pen in hand writing on paper thing having been an avid letter writer in my day... mostly now though it's a daily list of things to be accomplished... seems to nicely reinforce what needs to be done, I've often wondered if I didn't write it down... would I 'forget'? heh.
Happy upcoming Anniversary and will be looking forward to giving you more 'best wishes'....


Lovely socks Charity, and I do wish I could sit and write, I did try when I did Finding Water a book for Artist's, you had to write daily morning pages, but I guess I don't feel I have much writing in me, I was supposed to write 3 pages but I would struggle with one some days.

Judy G.

I like to write by hand, but only if I have a really great pen.

Happy early anniversary! I think the matching watches are a great idea. I got Mike a watch for a wedding present, but it only lasted until Geoff used it in a toilet-flushing experiment when he was 3. Sounds very Sitcom, but there it went. Mike's been late ever since.


I never managed to keep up a journal so I was surprised that I am such a regular blogger - there's something about the interactivity of blogging that pulls me in but it would be nice if computers were a bit more rewarding and tactile!

Good willpower but those lovely socks were a good wepaon to ward off Snow White - once those are done I'm betting you do go for the download :)


Those are some gorgeous socks!

As for the journal writing, I'd rather type my thoughts. My hands are too arthritic to write; they start to ache really bad whenever I have to write more than my signature and my penmanship leaves much to be desired!


I rather type my thoughts than write them in a journal. I'm so used to copy-pasting on the computer that I get very irritated when I can't do it on paper.


Love these socks Charity!


Love these socks Charity!

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