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October 04, 2007



Those are some Great answers and some I more than just a little bit relate to!
I'll do it, not 'right now' but I will... (feel free to remind me if I take terribly long :^)


Most of the time I prefer hardback covers too unless I am traveling.

You not going to believe this but I can't locate your email address again in my file. Urgg. I hate the way I have my filing system setup in my yahoo account. Sorry, could you send it to me again?


C.S. Lewis would be a wonderful lunch date!

Carrie K

My only use for paperbacks nowadays is to bring them along with me in my purse.

Thanks for playing, Charity! Isn't this a fun meme?

I like your leaf idea for a bookstore name.


Great meme!

"If I was going to be a deserted island..." that's certainly a different take from being on a deserted island! ;)

I'd be so awed to have lunch with CS Lewis I most likely wouldn't be able to think or ask coherent questions. So much to talk about what would be most enjoyable to both?

Hmm, I need to put some thought to answers. Perhaps by Saturday evening.


I got tagged for something else but couldn't think of enough random facts so I'm going to swap it for this one - I'm with you on an old book smelling peaceful - I find that smell so calming!

Dipsy D.

This was really interesting to read through - and I absolutely agree with #9!!


I really love this Charity so I may well have a go at it!


I love your idea for a bookstore name... and th fact that you'll be serving tea. Great concept.

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