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October 02, 2007



wow, that was a quick knit! i havne't even rolled mine into a ball yet. the finished socks are beautiful.


They look beautiful! I too would rather the 1x1 rib instead of the foldover cuff.


I'm with you on NOT having a rolled cuff... are your fingers smoking? that was some fast knitting! I visualize fire coming off your knitting fingers...heh.
Those socks are beauties!


Well done! I'm feeling the urge for thick wooly socks myself.


WOW that was quick! the socks look great!
YOu can watch TV with us anytime... we love Heros and Eureka too!


Beautiful work, lovely central heating for the feet.


Gorgeous colour and lovely pattern . You must have enjoyed knitting them as they seem to have flown off the needles:)
I know what you mean about some sock yarns are too thick for shoes but I like them to wear around the house for cosy toes !!


I love the new socks! I really like that pattern, and the color is beautiful. Well done! And, yes, unfortunately we'll soon be needing boots and such.


Nice work Charity! A little less thinking about the boots though!;-) Okay - time to download the pattern...


Your Waterfall socks are lovely -- great pattern, and I LOVE that colour!


Great socks! We love Heroes and Eureka too!


Oooo~ pretty! And quick!
That Snow White is stunning- unfortunately, I couldn't pull off the look *sigh*


That was fast! I love them, very pretty!


Perfect color for Waterfall socks - what a pretty lace pattern!

Dipsy D.

I really, really love these socks! What a gorgeous pattern, and the colourway is so great too - I'm so in love with all shades of blue at the moment that this colourmix is certainly a feast for my eyes! ;)


Wow - quick knitting with those socks and great results as well! I really love the colours in that yarn, such lovely blues!

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