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October 16, 2007



I love that yarn..those colors are awesome..I have a similar colorway that I've started a poncho..which is in need of my attention..provided old man winter ever decides to come our way this year
Thanks for stopping by my blog..and many blessings to you during your pregnancy..Happy Knitting~~


Lucky you for the yarn - poor you for the sickness and no knittingness :o( Hope you are much better soon.

I'll give that podcast a try, thanks for the recommendation.

bookdepository.co.uk have free shipping worldwide if you fancy some Gentle Arts to read and make you feel better :o)


Oh Charity, I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well, is it 'morning sickness' or some little fly-by bug? I hope you feel better soon, and mercy, be able to get back to your knitting!
YAY on getting your bump sweater yarn in!!!
That's some crazy beautiful sock yarn! Can't wait to see the socks!


What fun yarn! Congratulations!

Secret Pal

Hi, sorry I've been so silent. Life is catching up with me *sigh* Firstly, congrats!! As for the morning sickness, I feel your pain. I suffered from pretty bad morning sickness when I was pregnant with my daughter and I found that having saltines on me at all times as well as loads of peppermint tea helped me. I'm sending non-nauseous, non-dizzy health thoughts your way. Your package is all ready to go and I just need to get it to the post office once I'm feeling better myself. I'm hoping that will be really, really soon!

Take care from your secret pal :-D


Congratulations on the win!! I love the colours in that yarn!


Hope you feel better soon, I had a head cold and couldn't think straight to knit last week, well done on the prize!


Morning sickness is ghastly so I hope you get through it soon. Ginger is worth a try!


sending good healthy non-dizzy thoughts your way! its tough making a baby.

love the step! never saw that color- looks fun! congrats on the winnings!


Love that color Austerman! Wish we'd get it in one of our variety bags. Hope the illness passes fast -- that's one thing I never had to deal with when I had my boys. (Lucky me!)


I am going to have to look into that podcast soon! Congratulations on the pregnancy, what a great gift of peacefulness you experienced a bit ago. That is neat and thanks for sharing it.


I hope your feeling better very soon! I can't wait to see you knit up your sweater.


Morning sickness is awful. I hope you'll feel better soon.

Which maternity sweater are you going to make?


The sock colours are so rich and yummy looking. Hope you feel up to knitting again soon.


Yay for yarny winnings!

I hope you feel better soon, although the first trimester can be so rough. Take care of yourself!

Carrie K

Oooh, pretty yarn! Thinking non nauseous thoughts for you!


Congrats on winning the contest. That yarn looks like it's going to knit up into pretty socks! Can't wait to see how they turn out...do you have any pattern in mind? I'll have to check out that podcast...sound like it would be great.


Awesome colours! I hope you get through this part of pregnancy soon and into the energetic feeling good part.


ps. you've been meme'd!


Cool colours you lucky bird!!

Miss Scarlett

Hello Charity - I tried 3x to leave a comment yesterday and it kept disappearing=Typepad!
I'll try and remember what I said after I finally caught up on your blog.

1st CONGRATUALTIONS!! I am so excited for you and your family. That is wonderful news. How incredible to just know - what a gift. -- Hope the morning sickness passes.

I love your WoolGirl socks - the colourway is fabulous. I have bookmarked that spot - looks great.

I did your book meme - I adore CS Lewis. The Narnia tales were so real to me as a child - I remember actually trying to get through my bedroom closet! I also really enjoyed Surprised by Joy, Til We Have Faces and a collection of letters he wrote to readers - amazing man. His letters are so beautiful. I think you would really enjoy them. If I could only remember the name of the book...Voyage of the DawnTreader is actually my favourite Narnia book. I just love to be at sea. And I am so fond of Reepicheep - such a fierce, proud little fellow.

I agree with you re:Fall. It is my favourite time of year (unless it is Spring!) I love to go walking, I love to be indoors snuggled with a great book, tea and my pup. I like to have big family dinners. I usually read a Narnia tale or two in the fall - the snug coziness of Beaver's dam appeals to me when it gets frosty out.

I am glad you had such a great camping trip - looks beautiful in Courtnay - I will remember that for another summer. You got some major nice yarns while you were on the Island. I've got some fibre envy going on!

Once again - congratulations. I am really happy for you. :-D


Really keeping my fingers crossed that he sickness passes soon, must be feeling really rotten not to be knitting. Gosh I do hate that feeling, and the tiredness, my goodness do I remember the tiredness.


Congrats on your win. Hope to hear that you are feeling better soon. Hopefully the dreaded morning sickness will be short lived.


Oh nausea..it's so awful. Find out if you are allowed weak ginger tea . A handkerchief with mint-oil helped too. How exciting though , I hope all that nasty stuff wears off soon.


Lovely yarn and congratulations on winning it :)
I do hope that you are soon feeling better and there is nothing worse than nausea is there ?I too find ginger tea helps . Fingers x it will soon pass.
LOVE the photies in your last post , what stunning autumn colours

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