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January 09, 2008



oh June!!! June the end? or June the beginning? June 28 would be perfect and we can share a bday! can you hang on that long?


Glad you're back!


I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. A June baby, yay!!


Glad that you are feeling better!
June is a wonderful time to welcome a new baby!

Carrie K

Happy new year to you too! And a June baby. A summer birthday!

Good to hear that your knitting mojo came back!


Hooray - good to see you back!


Yay the knitting mojo is back!! I glad you are feeling better :-) Plus you are having a June baby, which is great as well, okay I'm a bit bias considering I am a June baby ;-)

BTW did the tea I sent you help?


YAY!!! What a delightful treat to see another post and with... knitting! I am so very happy for you! The Noro is very pretty, looking forward to seeing the cozy! (and the teapots :^)

I'm so glad you're feeling better... so very glad!


Glad you're back to blog, may the sun shines bright and sunny for you this year!


I'm so glad to see you back!


Glad you're back! I thought mine was lost, lost, lost too -- and I'm actually looking forward to the new year.

Babies are wonderful, anyhow.


Yay! I'm glad you're feeling better.


glad to hear you are back and starting to feel better. Chin up, spring is just around the corner and soon your baby will be here too.

Stay warm and find something to smile about every day :-)


All 3 of my boys were born within 2 weeks of each other (not literally!) in JUNE! A wonderful time to have a baby!


Hi! Welcome back! I was thinking of you over the holidays and wonder how you've been (a friend of mine goes to PG for Christmas every year to see her parents). Glad to hear the sun is shining! :)

And a June baby! Congrats!

Miss Scarlett

A June baby - how wonderful!

I've been thinking of you - glad to hear from you again.

Love the colour of your Noro - that will make an awesome tea cozy. You'll be enjoying hot tea all afternoon.


It is so lovely to see you back and I am delighted to hear your knitting mojo is returning. Hope you are starting to feel a little better and regaining a bit of energy.


Yey so pleased to see you back. Cute project, lovely yarn you'll soon be up to full knitting addiction levels again soon :o)


a June baby, its soooo exciting, and I just love the colour of that Kureyon, I'm using some Cash Island at the moment and its sooooo velevety!


So glad you are back & feeling perkier :-)
Doubley glad your knitting joy is back; enjoy the sunshine & watch everything grow.


Happy New Year! Glad to see you've returned. :)


Welcome back! You've been missed. Looking forward to seeing the FO!

Wanda J

I should have come here first! Wonderful news. Have you chosen a name?

It's encouraging to know that you're getting back on track and things are looking up!


So glad that you're back and that the sun is shining for you again! YAY!

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