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January 29, 2008



She looks so happy in it! Very cute.


Look how big your baby girl is getting! :^) She's such a little beauty and cuuuute! What a precious happy face! The sweater is adorable on her and I've got to say, she's my kind of little girl, aaaargh!
I still have clothes from when mine were little... and Gracie and I happened upon a packed box this afternoon full of hers and Conors baby clothes... when we packed Mom's house we found a few boxes of clothes from when my brother and I were babies AND some that had been worn by my mother and her siblings! What a treasure trove!

Charity, you are positively 'post happy'!


Oh I could not even imagine how cold that is. I love the pirate sweater and how great that all 3 can wear it too. I like knitting with the GGH Bali too, and have used the purple and green so far. Perhaps I can use my odd balls up for hats too. At least you have the right weather for knitting and staying inside sounds like a great idea too.


Just beautiful; so lovely to have them all get use from your handiwork


What a beautiful little girl!!


Sweet! she is such a cutie!
LOVELOVELOVE the pirate! so much so that I'm going to ask about the pattern...(me do intarsia, it must be cold!) so what pattern is it. The Mayor would really like this

ouch its cold your way. we have had an extremely mild winter this year. 50's one day and only 30's the next. makes getting used to any weather a problem.

Miss Scarlett

So adorable! Gwyneth and the sweater.

-35?! Wow. It's pretty cold here too, -6 but that is cold for us. I'm really enjoying the very wintery winter we're having.


She's getting so big, and she looks so sweet in her hand me downs :-)


She looks so incredibly A-dor-A-ble. Quite the fetching wench, don'tcha know?

I love the handing down of sweaters -- it's one of my very favorite things.


She's gorgeous!! :)


So nice to have you back! She's just adorable.


yeah for hand-me-downs! she looks so darn cute!


yeah for hand-me-downs! she looks so darn cute!

Carrie K

But you just finished it for Brian! He can't have outgrown it already! It does look darling on Gwenyth.

Geez, -35C? I'm freezing and I think it's 47F outside.


Oh Charity she is so adorable and I love the jumper and great that it stands the wear of handing down too....now that's quality yarn :)
Brrr sounds cold over there and here we are with rain, rain rain ,yugh, roll on Spring.
Stay warm and snuggle up with your lovely family


That's so nice that the sweater will get passed on to this one and another one! Gets lots of use that way. We had a couple of mornings that were about -18C, that was cold enough for me! (Colder with the wind chill, too.)


Very cute!

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