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January 28, 2008



That's a sweet little cardigan, I'm going to see if Kaelen likes it, too. I find it really hard to find nice patterns for their age group.


It's a very pretty color. I'm sure she'll love it!


cute! can't wait to see the FO... I need a hoodie too and am still looking at patterns.

I can't believe it was a 6x and she's a 12 now! wow, sure got your money's worth outa that sweater!


Charity, that's a gorgeous colour and soft and machine washable is always good for kids,eh?
but.....sigh..... I really am going to have to 'get in line' for Ravelry, aren't I.....:^) I don't get to 'see' it.....


Love the pattern - isn't Ravelry brilliant for coming to the rescue.

I'm a fan of the Sirdar Denim yarns - they feel very soft - just wish they had more colours, you've found a pretty shade there - and that weight should knit up quick!


Are you 'frecklegirl'? I just received an 'invite' to Ravelry in my email.... I hadn't even asked to sign up.... hmmmmm? :^)


nope, you're Northernknitter.... hmmmmm.... who's frecklegirl?!?


Lovely colour Charity, can't wait to see it knit!!


That is a sweet pattern!


she will be just adorable in the new sweater! Its got to make you smile that she loved the older sweater so much that she wore it for so long. I'd save a small piece of it to add to her memory box if you could...


I am so loving the Ravelry pattern finder! Thanks for pointing me over there ((hugs))

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