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February 10, 2008



cuteness! you Amanda hat looks good- nice and warm! and the kerchief scarf is an awesome idea.. may have to try that one.

I love the swetch beteen a larger project and a quick small on... give me satisfaction of an FO and the endurance to keep plugging on the biggie.


Great hat, Charity. Looks perfect for cold weather.


Love the Amanda hat and just added it to my Ravelry queue!


I find the buzz of an FO is magic at keeping on with the bigger projects

Keep warm, can't even get my head round temperatures like that!


The Amanda hat is very cute! I have to remember that pattern. I wish we had some cold weather for change, it's been raining for two days now. We still have some snow, but it's melting and the roads are covered with ice and water.

Kerchief Scarf is also very nice. I wish I could wear something like that, but my hair is so wild that scarves don't really stay on my head. :)


LOVE the Amanda hat, it looks SO incredibly warm and soft! The little kerchief is sweet too.


LOVE the hat and scarf!
I remember those brisk cold winter PG days well from when I lived there. They would be much more bearable with a hand knit hat.


The hat is lovely! I wish we were just a couple of degrees colder - it has been raining hard since yesterday.


I find that working on little things at the same time as bigger stuff helps me finish the bigger stuff faster sometimes. I get bored with bigger projects usually, so it is a bit of a relief to do something else small once in awhile.

Miss Scarlett

Oh - little projects like these really help when you are slogging away at a long knit.

I like your hat - and ear coverage is a must when you are dealing with such wild temperature dips.


Great Amanda hat! I like it in the Lamb's Pride; I may have to make another.

Cute Kerchief, too :)


Very nice hat! I find small knits imperative to have while working on a larger project. It feels like I'm not going anywhere if I only work on a long-term project.

Wanda J

Of course you knit the hat big on purpose - the extra roominess traps in more head heat. :-) Both the hat and kerchief look like winners.


add the satisfaction of a little stash busting and there just isn't much to not like! i love the kercheif!

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