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February 21, 2008



I agree. It goes beyond just an afghan. It is the heart behind the afghan. The afghan represents people who are reaching out to offer comfort, "thinking good thoughts, saying prayers, offering a little bit of their own strength".


Lovely post Charity and those squares look full of love


If we cannot touch someone physically, we knit something that will. Its love and hugs from far away. Its the knitters way.

And being knitters we appreciate these things even more when we have our own dark times.

I can totally relate

Miss Scarlett

Charity - this is a beautiful post!

The question you asked yourself is one I have asked myself before on other projects.
It is amazing how helpless you feel in the face of such news - and it does feel good to be able to offer tangible evidence of your care to someone going through an ordeal.

But it can mean so much more to the recipient - and their family because just as you say, they can see & sense the support and the energy people are directing their way positively.

Thank you so much for writing this beautiful post for Brandon and his family. It really means a lot.


I can relate. Knitting a square doesn't seem like a lot, but it is a way to show someone that you care, and to wrap them up in a little love and good energy.


I love the idea of being remotely hug somebody by knitting them something nice and warm. Even if you can't be there for them, the knitted item will comfort them.


You know I do... relate. Those are some beautiful blankie squares, Charity, You are a beautiful person.


Thanks for sharing Charity! I'm grateful for the opportunity to do something tangible for another mom.


You know I can relate, Charity. I have seen the comfort such a blanket can bring and am happy to be able to send a little comfort to this little boy and his family. Thank you for posting this.

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