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February 19, 2008



Nice socks!


Nice socks! I'm like you... I have a plan, an intention if you will, but I won't make it a commitment or resolution or else I'd be doomed. I'm trying to knit up some of my stash as opposed to buying yarn. There I said it. (I haven't said it before.) But notice there is no commitment here! None! So I cannot fail. It is only a well-meaning intention. That's all.


I've always loved those socks and that's one of my favorite knitting books too. The "Heartwarmer" is one of my favorite projects to look at of all time but I just don't know if I'd ever use anything like that.

Brilliant idea about the games! Thanks for passing it along.


ooohhh nice socks! you are so totally clever!

great idea for the games too- as we are currently overrun with Christmas and birthday gift games. its getting kinda crazy- I may just baggie them all too!


I remember that pattern and how much I liked it. They look great -- and I like Galway a lot.

I know what you mean about the games. Sometimes it seems that we just move stuff from one location to another without any resolution. Maybe when we're really past the toddler stage, we'll get to the bag one. Maybe.


Love the Log Cabins ... and what a great colour!!

Miss Scarlett

Oh those socks look super comfy - and so cozy. Which is good because I saw on the news that it has been mighty cold in your area lately.

What a brilliant idea for your games. We have an entire cupboard at work. I go through it about 4 times a year and thoroughly reorganize, cull and restock it.
And it looks good for about...2 weeks.
I spend the next 3 months building up an enthusiasm to start all over again.
But that is the difference between a family amount of children and 36 kids 5-12 yrs old!

I have much higher hopes for your family drawer!


the socks are absolutely lovley!


We definitely have the same problem with the board games. :)

Nice socks, the color's lovely! That reminded me of a pair of unfinished Log Cabin Socks. I think I finished one and even started the second sock and then abandoned them for no reason.


Good going on the organization! I know just how good that feels!

Those Log Cabin socks have been long on my list also, yours are Beautiful, Gorgeous, Inspiring! Well knit, dear friend!


Love those socks! They're gorgeous!

Great idea for the games. A lot of ours our getting quite shabby.


Why of course,yarn. Don't you know the rule about filling all empty drawers with yarn?

Love the socks; that cable down the heel is cool!


Why of course,yarn. Don't you know the rule about filling all empty drawers with yarn?

Love the socks; that cable down the heel is cool!


Nice job - two times over! Those socks are just beautiful...cables rock!


Yey for those gorgeous socks - that pattern is a firm stayer in my queue too. Also hurrah for a spare drawer - definitely use it for yarn :o)

Anne Margaret

The color of those socks looks like a spa vacation for your feet - lovely!

Way to go on the organizing. I LOVE organizing and reconfiguring. It's the cleaning that sucks a hole in my soul.

Happy February!


Great socks Charity!


love the socks, I have that book I may have to look out the socks. I want to make my mum some. The games idea is brilliant!!! we have so many games they just take up a ton of room. I will have to go looking for bags!

Wanda J

Great tip for board game storage! With the lack of drawers in our place I use a shelf in a closet for games. I can use the bag method and all the bags into a clear container.

Galway makes cushiony, cozy socks. :-)


I really like these socks! I'll have to find that book & make them for my husband :-)
I've been cruising around e*bay for a knitting machine- I don't relish the miles of stockinette either- let me know how you like it (once you have time to figure it out :-)

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