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February 05, 2008



I'm glad to hear you have 'that' off the 'to do' list :^) I'm really glad you found a school you like!

Mmmmm, that looks YUMMY! as to a sub for the sweetened condensed milk... I have no idea.
You can be sure I'll be coming back to read the comments, see if anyone else knows... it looks good though!!!


Those look yummy!

Judy G.

Just in case it's not sweet enough, how about subbing Eagle Brand for the condensed milk? I just gained three pounds looking at the picture.

Miss Scarlett

Oh we have an old family friend who has a recipe almost exactly like this. It is so decadently yummy.

With a glass or two, or three! of milk - that pan would be gone here too!

Carrie K

Oh, does that ever look/sound delicious!


That square looks totally yummy!


that looks so yummy!

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