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February 07, 2008



The blue is such a great color! I love the bright too. And I have the Drops pattern on my someday list! My next dream project is another shawl. Maybe next week.


Mmm, yes, that's a lovely soothing blue, I like knitting with the blues, :^) and I am LOVING Gwenyth's little sleeve, love those cheerful colours... they remind me of colours I wore as a little girl :^) ric-rac, heh.
I 'also' love the little Drops jacket, kinda swingy, eh? love that!
I 'dream' of knitting anything besides this big blankie, hee, but I continue on with it... woman on a mission, I am :^)

Carrie K

That Drops jacket is really cute, I've been eyeing it myself. It'd be perfect, no matter what.


The blue is definitely very soothing. Your girls are gonna love their new sweaters!

I've had that Drops pattern in my Ravelry queue for some time, and every time I see somebody knitting it, I decide that I want it, too, and then never even buy the yarn for it. :)


The girls' sweaters are coming along nicely! I love the bright colors on Gwenyth's.

I'm dreaming of knitting anything for myself, but that won't happen for a while :-)

Miss Scarlett

They do have a flair for naming their patterns don't they? I am thinking of finally casting on for that same pattern this weekend.
I have the wool just waiting for it...

I love how your yarn reflects your childrens personality. That's great. It makes the item so much more meaningful for them and you.


They're going to be nice sweaters. Kids grow -- how bad could it be?

Go ahead and knit yourself something lovely. Goodness knows you deserve it. I'm only dreaming of finishing my WIPs so maybe I can get to some spinning or my cardigan in Kauni or something. . .


Love all the sweater progress, I also love that drops design, although knitted on 8mm needles, nothing in my stash to suit that. I've just bought some colours to have a go at my own fair isle mittens, almost one endpaper done, and I'm already designing my own!


Gwenyth's sweater is looking gorgeous, the patterning is working so well.

I hadn't seen the Drops sweater before, it is lovely.


Gwenyth's sweater is going to be gorgeous! I love the look of the pattern, and the colors are so nice. That Drops sweater is beautiful! The style would work well with a pregnant belly, I think. :)


i **LOVE** the Drops sweater! I want to knit one with you!


Cute girls' sweaters! I love the Drops sweater, too. I really like that collar.


I love the way the colors are scalloped on Gwenyth's- I'm curious to see what you come up with :-)

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