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March 02, 2008



oohhh crayon rolls! I really really need to learn to sew- I can stitch any knitting with no problems, but stitch straight? on fabric? gah!
glad to hear The Man is doing well and enjoying his recivery time
Gweynth looks great- so cute! give her smoochies from us!


Those are beautiful fabrics you chose... and 'Liam'? I LOVE that name!
Gwenyth... now there's a girl after my heart, jumping in puddles, it's still a favourite thing for this 54 year old! (also a favourite of Gracie's :^)


I'm glad to hear that Stuart's surgery went well. I hope his recovery goes quick!


I'm glad that the surgery went well.

Liam? I love that name!

Miss Scarlett

I'm glad Stuart's surgery went well and wish him a speedy recovery -- though not too quick, so you can still have some time together!

The sewing bug is going around...looks like its claimed another victim. :-)

Gwyneth looks perfectly set for a day splashing about - have fun!


Crayon rolls, that's a neat idea. I have that sort of thing for my knitting needles.

Love the matching red hat and boots!


Oh my, Gweyneth is too cute!

Glad to hear Stuart is doing well.

Carrie K

Oh, I'm glad Stuart is recuperating! Seeing as how I missed he ws even having surgery. Stupid working all the time.

Your Log Cabin Socks are cute! I love that pattern.


Glad the patient is recuperating well.

And love your plans for Liam's cradle quilt - love the name too.


oh, i can't wait to see your sewing! your little girl is growing so fast, that is a great pic of her. i hope that stuart is on the mend!

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