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April 24, 2008



wow, they look great! I'd have snagged them too!


Awww. but how sweet, she baked you brownies... YUM.
That's always happening to me too... but right now I'm on a second sock and seriously, I just keep telling myself... they're mine, they're mine... we'll see how it plays out in the end.


That's really fast. I love pretty colours on socks, it makes you want to keep knitting just to see the colours grow on the sock :)


I hear you Charity - the socks I knit almost always end up on someone else's feet too!

Hang in there. I like your "Don't get all excited" attitude.


Ooo, those are nice socks! I can see why she fell in love with them.


Nice timing from your sister :o) Make sure the next pair are actually for you!

Anne Margaret

What cool color pooling around the ankle. Cute and fast - what more could a knitter want? Good luck with the contractions. Nothing else quite reminds you how little control you have over things, does it? Happy knitting!


You, too, huh? I have yet to make a pair that haven't been "claimed" by someone else *sigh*


What a beautiful sock! I guess if she made you brownies, your sister deserves the socks. Next pair for you!


Brownies? Yeah, definitely worth giving socks for!


Brownies? Yeah, definitely worth giving socks for!


I've been thinking of you lately. Oh, and I hear you on the socks - almost everything I knit ends up in someone else's wardrobe! :)


Ah, but sisters are totally worth it!!!


that is what happens to the socks that i knit as well. i rarely keep them!


You too? Maybe we should take up knitting socks in the dark so no one knows to claim them.
All those contractions should help in the long run. :-)

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