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May 20, 2008



what a cutie pie! that is an awesome picture.

cheese making? hhhmmm let me know how you like the book- might be fun!


The Gentle Arts are the ones that have the biggest impact on both memory and soul, I think. I remember the best times in our house were the times when we got to "help" Mom make stuff and lick the beaters/spoon/rubber scraper. The smell of baking bread never fails to make me smile and chopped onions always make me hungry for dinner.

Your pregnant belly is beautiful!


That's the sweetest pic of her!


Cheese making.... now I'm intrigued! You will follow up with pictures, won't you? And it had not occured to me to look for the Gentle Art of Domesticity at the library... I doubt it's in our little Whistler branch, but an interlibrary loan might do it.


That little chocolaty happy face got me giggling, how precious is that.
The Gentle Arts, it sounds like a lovely book. I'm all for doing more by hand... now if only the rest of the world would just slow down a bit...

Anne Margaret

We are on such a parallel course (without the bun in the oven!!). My copy of Gentle Art just arrived via Amazon UK (not available in the U.S. and I forgot to look for it in London in March) because I could wait no longer. Please let me know what you think of it - there is a little pile ahead of it on my nightstand, so I need to hurry up. With all you have pending - maybe organizing a read-along would be in order?!

As for the cheese - I read Barbara Kingsolver's book last summer and LOVED the cheese idea, too. We bought the mozz kit and tried once last year. It was an initial failure that I managed to rescue and I never got brave enough to try it again. Again - let me know how your attempts go. I think once the basil is bigger, I may break down and give it another go.

And ankle socks - oh, my! It should be obvious, I agee, but I was equally blown away by how f-a-s-t they knit up. Great fun, isn't it?

How fun to have a Canadian twin!

Carrie K

Cheesemaking! I can't wait to hear how it went, that just sounds like so much fun and with your experienced helper, it should be easy-peasy.

Ankle socks are shorter but not by that much! But it's good to have a feeling of accomplishment.


Yep, knitting a sock is about the size of the excitement around these parts too. What a cute picture!


Looks like those brownies were appreciated.

Love that book :o)


My grandma taught me to make cheese and it's yummy! If you want, I can give you the receipe.

That is the cutest face ever!

Miss Scarlett


That is thrilling stuff. :-)
And the Gentle Arts are brilliant ways to slow down and enjoy some process - of course in the case of brownies and ankle socks, product is also enjoyable.


Just the title of that book makes me want to find it; the gentle arts are the ones worthy of preserving.
Thank you for the sympathy; that was probably the most traumatic knitting disaster I've ever had, especially since I had been looking forward to making these kilt hose for over a year *sigh*
I'm now searching for an alternative, non-staining yarn :-P that doesn't cost too much- I need more that 1100 yards- Oy!


You have the cutest little helper!

Gina aka Sleepy Eyes

Oh my goodness...I'm reading the same books as you are! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, too. Love the chocolately face picture!!


I might have to look up that book! Your daughter is the cutest little girl with that chocolate face. And typepad hasn't "upgraded" me yet, they are apparently doing it in stages. I can hardly wait.


Look at that cute little face! :)

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